Courses of English for Adolescents

The best courses of English for adolescents are in That's Cool.

We have what they need. Good €œteachers€, technology €œtrendy€ and an atmosphere very €œCool€.

You are going search more? Our goal is that they go it well. But in addition that learns.

And if they want to obtain an official title (University of Cambridge) there we are we, to guide the process throughout to them.

€œReady plows you€

course of English for young people

Every month we have special events for totally gratuitous them. We realise, among others, €œUnboxings€, €œEscape rooms€ and Virtual reality to learn diritiendo itself.

school of English young people

which is our priority? That our €œThatscoolers€ speaks in English. We always concentrated, in the total motivation of the student. The most academic part, in our center, is high quality.

classes of English adolescents

Our professors are all native ones. This form your children will know other cultures and customs through them. They will learn the language of professionals of first hand. If you want them to know you can make click here.

He practices English

Your children will practice the English language as everything a Lord

Speech in English

The communicative aspect will make speak them in English and amusing itself.

Your children will be able to obtain the certifications of the university of Cambridge. We will help them in the process of obtaining of an official title, providing the necessary tools to them.

The adolescents need motivation and the equipment of That's Cool knows it. We make funny classes and we supported the prendizaje with the technology and the events more VIP.

Our digital projection screens and books are added to the classroom. To learn is more visual and easy that before. The connection to Internet in the class facilitates that it is had much content easily and pleasant.

In our Social Club they will be able to meet with his friendly and to spend a good short while. In addition they will have the opportunity to participate in our Photo Calls thematic. Wifi free, our technological toys (consoles, giant table-tablet and TV via satellite) and service of cafeteria.

Write to us directly from this form of contact. Gave your level us and of what course you want to receive information. We will contact as rapidly as possible with you.

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