Better series to learn English

The English has become an absolutely indispensable language in the society of the 21st century; esteem that stops year 2030 three billions of people anywhere in the world will have the English as first or second language, which almost supposes half of the world-wide population.

To obtain a title of languages that credits your domain of the English is practically an obligation in your academic and professional race. From That's Cool always we recommended to begin from the base and to go little by little constructing the rest.

In addition to the actual classes or online, always we recommended our students who reinforce their learning of the language at home. And one of the best ways for it is not other than to see series in English.

At the time of seeing series to learn English it is fundamental to choose the suitable level. It does not have to be too easy since you will only be able to become bored, nor either too complicated because you will throw the towel in the first five minutes. Today, in That's Cool we have made a selection of some of the divided most recommendable series in three levels: Low, intermediate and high. We go with them!

Series in English of low level

Servers and Evildoers

A series based on the Mexican soap opera €˜They is the joy of the home€™. It counts the history of a group of Latin servers working in the United States; a series that mixes of a fantastic way loving messes and plots of revenges and treasons.  Its great advantage is that it has a strong presence of the Spanish in his scripts, so is a very recommendable series if you have a level of English under because it allows you not to have to be totally kind to the series not to lose to you.


A series of Netflix that is being very many successful. One of its great characteristics is that their protagonists are of very many nationalities: Latin, Spanish, German, Poles, Indians€¦ A good option to go to you doing little by little with the different accents from the English that you can find around the world.

Series in English of intermediate level

Downton Abbey

A series to learn English with the habitual English accent and most cultured and falsified a style of. A series of dramatic style that tells to the history of an aristocratic family and its crew members at the beginning of Century XX.

Mad Men

A fantastic series to learn English, which takes place in years 60 in an agency of American creative publicity. The plots reason of a very slow way, so you can enjoy very many the dialogues without losing to you; in addition, it is a very good idea to do to you with the vocabulary of the audio-visual sector in English.

Series in English of high level

The Slap

The difficulty to understand this one series comes mainly by the accent of its protagonists; history reasons in the Australian Antipodals. Account in a few episodes a food of some friendly with children and how from a little while to another one, the behavior of one ruins everything: Insults, secrets, moments of tension€¦ You must be 100% slope of ea screen not to lose anything to you. It is a very good series to learn English, as long as you have a high level of the language and, in addition, you are totally concentrate.

Peaky Blinders

It has been denominated by many as one of the best series of history; and the certain thing is that it is not for less. History passes in Birmingham in 1919 and tells to the confrontation between mafia Tommy Shelby and its dangerous band with the head of Chester Campbell police. The difficulty comes by the accents of the protagonists, who are something hard for the ear, as well as the local and informal expressions, very frequent.

To learn English in That's Cool

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