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how to prepare the examination IT FALLS?

If you are thinking about preparing the examination FALLS, in That's Cool we can offer an ample fan to you of courses to your measurement. You live and you have time to come until our academy? We have for you courses of preparation of FALLS actual! You don't live or you don't have time to attend class? Courses to prepare FALL at a distance!

If bets by a course of preparation of FALL remote not you worry about the part of the Speaking.

If you live close or, in the price a session of conversation per week is included; that is to say, you can approach until That's Cool a day to you per week to practice this one part of the examination. In addition, six hours of specific preparation of the part of Speaking in IT FALLS, distributed both enters Saturdays previous to the examination.

All our teaching staff is native and count on formation for the preparation of the examinations of Cambridge. In addition, in That's Cool we are equipped with the last technology to facilitate the learning of our students.

Structure of the examination FALLS

The past year 2015 Cambridge changed the structure of its examinations; we explained to you of what of English consists the date of today Certifies Advanced to you. The total duration of the examination is of 3 hours and 55 minutes and between the different tests there is a rest of approximately 15 minutes.

Test 1 Reading and Use of English

It is first of the parts of the examination of FALLS; in her you must demonstrate your reading understanding, the use of grammar and vocabulary. The duration is of 90 minutes. It consists of 8 parts:

It uses of English

  • Multiple choice cloze €“ a text in which there are some spaces, in which there are to choose a word or expression of four to choose.
  • Open cloze €“ a text with several spaces in which there are to write the correct word.
  • Word formation €“ a text with a total of eight spaces and one word at the end of the line that there is to change of some form to complete the phrase.
  • Key Word transformations €“ a series of phrases that there are to transform with a keyword so that they have the same meaning.


  • Multiple: A reading with questions of multiple election.
  • Multiple Cross matching: Several short texts and other so many phrases that there are to relate to each other.
  • Gapped text: A text of a page with numbered spaces in which there are to introduce one of the paragraphs that appear.
  • Multiple matching: A series of questions to relate followed of a long text or several short texts

Test 2 Writing

The second part of the examination FALLS in which there is to make two types different from writing:

  • Compulsory question: It is necessary to read a text and to write a narration based on the points that occur in the same.
  • Situationally based writing task: To choose between letter or mail, proposal, report or critic.

Test 3 Listening

In this one part it is necessary to demonstrate that he is able to follow and to understand a conversation. It consists of four parts:

  • Multiple choice: A total of three extracts of several conversations and two questions of multiple election for each.
  • Sentence completion: A monologue of three minutes on which there are to complete a questionnaire.
  • Multiple choice: Conversations between several people on whom there are to respond several questions of multiple election.
  • Multiple matching: Monologues of five minutes that there are to relate to certain a speaker.

Test 4 Speaking

The last one of the parts of the examination FALLS on approval puts the ability of communication in real time.

If you are interested in our courses of English, you can put to you with us of fast and simple way in touch sending a message to us through this one form. If you prefer to speak personally with us, also you can call to us by telephone to number 934227700/644240624. He will be a true one to please to take care of to you as English academy Barcelona.


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