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Course to prepare the examination of Cambridge FCE

That' Cool we are an English academy Barcelona that we offer an ample fan of courses specialized in the learning of this language; as much actual as at a distance. Lately, counting on an official title of languages has become a practically indispensable factor to accede to any type of labor position. It is for that reason that in That's Cool we organized courses to prepare different examinations from Cambridge For example examination FCE.

The FCE is accepted on the part of the public companies and institutions as certification of the understanding of the English; in the case of the universities, more and more they demand this one title to accede to some of its programs as the ERASMUS.

In 2015 Cambridge it implanted a new system of score. In order to approve the FCE, the B2 level, it is necessary to obtain a score that oscillates between 160 and 180.

Why to make examination FCE of Cambridge?

There is an ample fan of advantages to count on the First title Certifies of to you English of Cambridge:

  • Title of degree: Ever since the Stupid Plan in Spain was implanted six ago already year, more of 90% of the universities of our country they demand to count on an English title of being able to graduate; the majority of them, the FCE.
  • ERASMUS: The University is a fantastic opportunity to realise an academic year abroad or to make the university practices in another country. However, now it is necessary to count on a certain level of English; the majority of universities requests an official certificate when doing the request.
  • Masters and Postgraduate: Once finished the university race, if you want to choose to a masters, you must consider that at the moment the majority of the universities demands English an official title of being able to accede to the same.
  • Oppositions: If you consider your labor future as civil servant, one of the fundamental parts of the opposition is the academic formation, where an official title of English can give that €œextra you€ necessary to secure a place in a public organism.

Why to bet by That' Cool to prepare your examination FCE of Cambridge?

At a distance

Our academy is located; so, if you live outside the city or you live in the same Barcelona but you do not have time to come until our classroom, we offer the course modality to you online. The methodology that we followed is exactly the same that in the actual course; in addition, we offer pedagogical support throughout the process.

One of the majors problems that usually see the people who want a course to prepare the remote FCE is that the oral part cannot practice, which is worth a 20% of the note of the examination.

Then, to surpass this handicap in That' Cool we free offer to our students classes of conversations in our academy; if you live close or, you can do a small effort a day to the week and come until our center to practice that oral part. In addition, we offer six hours of obligatory classes of speaking, distributed in both previous Saturdays to the date of the examination.

We open four calls for our course of preparation FCE of Cambridge, according to the dates of the examinations: November-December of the 2016, January-February 2017, March-April of the 2017 and May-June of the 2017.


If you prefer to prepare your examination FCE in That' Cool of actual way, also you can come until our academy; we count on different modalities and schedules, so that certainly you find the course that better adjusts to your needs.

In That' Cool we offer an amplest fan to you of options so that you prepare the FCE to your way. And it is that this one type of examinations of Cambridge is very many better to prepare them with teaching staff specialized in them who to do it by your account; only thus you will be able to make with all the advice and tricks you pass successfully.

That' Cool we are an innovating equipment with a center equipped with the last technology to make of the learning of our students a unique experience. All our professors are native titleholders and we counted on an educative program of high quality.


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