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Pet examination

The English has become an absolutely indispensable language in the society of the 21st century; esteem that stops year 2030 three billions of people anywhere in the world will have the English as first or second language, which almost supposes half of the world-wide population.

To obtain a title of languages that credits your domain of the English is practically an obligation in your academic and professional race. From That's Cool always we recommended to begin from the base and to go little by little constructing the rest; therefore, always we advised to begin with an examination of the PET. Although it is certain that the majority of companies and universities demands as minimum degree FCE, the B2 level, the PET is very recommendable facing seating the bases of the English; thus later it will turn out to you very many simpler to examine to you of the First Certifies you and Advance.

Reasons to prepare the PET

  • It is an examination that contributes a great capacity to read and to understand any text that treats a subject not too complex. In addition, if in future you must study or to work in English, will turn out to you very many simpler to include texts and e-mails.
  • Your professional race will improve remarkably once you count on the PET as degree. At the moment the majority of the companies requests a certificate that credits that the employees know English; and, although the PET is not to a title of advanced level, yes it credits that you have a domain of the language in simple situations and surroundings not very complex.
  • For many the PET is something as well as the foundations when a house is constructed, the foundations. Once pass, seated the foundations, already you can advance with the rest: To obtain the FCE, to make a stay abroad€¦
  • To be in possession of the PET will come to you from wonder at the time of traveling. The domain of the language with this one title is more than sufficient to be able to ask directions or to receive brief explanations on sites that you want to visit without no problem.
  • If you are thinking about preparing you for the examination of some title of level superior of English as First Certifies you or Advanced, the PET will come to you very well as a previous preparation, to seat the bases that you have of the English.
  • The PET is one of the most basic and simple English tests, so to prepare it will serve it to you to obtain new vocabulary that will be used to you for your day to day.
  • And, by all means, it is not necessary to forget the personal satisfaction that it supposes to have met a challenge as an official examination of languages. It will help you to have very many more confidence in same you.

To prepare the PET in That's Cool

Our academy is located in Barcelona; so, if you live outside the city or you live in the same Barcelona but you do not have time to come until our classroom, we offer the course modality to you online. The methodology that we followed is exactly the same that in the actual course; in addition, we offer pedagogical support throughout the process. In addition, we offer six hours of obligatory classes of speaking, distributed in both previous Saturdays to the date of the examination.

If you prefer to prepare your examination PET in That' Cool of actual way, also you can come until our academy; we count on different modalities and schedules, so that certainly you find the course that better adjusts to your needs.

In That' Cool we offer an amplest fan to you of options so that you prepare the PET to your way. And it is that this one type of examinations of Cambridge is very many better to prepare them with teaching staff specialized in them who to do it by your account; only thus you will be able to make with all the advice and tricks you pass successfully.

That' Cool we are an innovating equipment with a center equipped with the last technology to make of the learning of our students a unique experience. All our professors are native titleholders and we counted on an educative program of high quality.

Pet examination in thats cool


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