Which is your Future with a Good Level of English?

 CB with an English of level (exits)


At the moment, the knowledge of one second language has become a practically essential requirement at the time of acceding to a labor position. Esteem that if the use to which it is desired to accede has degree of an average or high responsibility, almost 55% of the supplies demand the knowledge of the English to be able to choose to the same.

The domain of the languages is not valued in the same way in all the sectors of the economy. There are certain fields in which the knowledge of one second language, mainly English, is often an indispensable requirement to accede to the labor market. In the first place the telecommunications; the supplies of use for this sector demand the knowledge of a second language in 41.3% of the cases. Behind health (40.2%) and energy resources (39.5%).

In addition, it is necessary to consider that no longer is sufficient with having an official title that credits the knowledge of a certain language. Every time it is more habitual than in the selection processes the candidate must pass a series of tests to verify that indeed he is handled in that language. He is very habitual to demand the writing of the CB in the language that the aspiring assures to dominate and that the work interview is carried out in English.

5 Reasons to learn English

There are very many advantages to dominate this one language, but in That's Cool we have selected the five main ones:

  • At the moment, the English is the language more spoken of the world. You know that one speaks it of each five people?
  • More of 85% of the pages of Internet they are written in this one language.
  • The English is the official language of 45 countries worldwide.
  • To speak English is practically indispensable for the professional race.
  • To dominate the language allows to travel by everybody. Even those countries in which the English is not the official language, almost with total security you can communicate in them in this one language.

How much English it is necessary to work to work?

In main lines, making reference to Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia for the Languages, the levels A1 and A2 are for those uses in which as soon as it is needed to speak nothing in English. The following level, the B1, is used for those jobs in which the employees must read simple texts in English of occasional way.

The B2 already is sufficient to develop an ample fan of functions in English such as more or less complex conversations, letter writing and emails in English€¦ The C1 already allows to choose to uses in which a level of English stop is demanded: Conversations with clients worldwide, writing of technical information€¦

And, finally, the C2 level is for those people who already dominate completely the English. It is demanded for those uses in which the worker must move habitually to a foreign country, to participate in vital negotiations in English€¦

It learns English in That's Cool!

If you want to learn English to have majors labor opportunities, in That's Cool we make your whole available an ample fan of courses.

Formation on the one hand, online; a fantastic option if you live outside Barcelona or, although cheers in the city, you do not have time to come until the academy. Courses of English for adults, as well as to prepare official examinations; in addition, we offer gratuitous actual classes of speaking every week so that you acquire necessary the linguistic skills in each level.

And, on the other hand, actual courses for children, adolescents and adults. Also specific formation in English of businesses.

If you are interested in our courses of English, you can put to you with us of fast and simple way in touch sending a message to us through this one form. If you prefer to speak personally with us, also you can call to us by telephone to number 934227700/644240624. He will be a true one to please to take care of to you as English academy Barcelona.





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