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8 horrifying curiosities of Halloween.

Halloween is around the corner€¦ Already you know how you are going away to disguise? We yes. Halloween is a magical and somewhat mysterious celebration. Does Somebody know its origins?

Here we left to eight curiosities of conocid­sima eve you of all the saints: The night of Halloween.

Here we go.

Halloween comes from All Hallow' Eve.

The literal translation of these words is the following one: eve of all the saints. This celebration was created already 3000 years ago in the Gaelic culture. It was rumored that the night of Halloween, the dead returned to the Earth with the aim of securing the souls of the alive ones.

The illuminated pumpkins.

The history of the pumpkins with candles in the interior is by the legend of a called farmer Jack. Jack (from the name of the character of Nightmare comes there before Christmas) had a pact with the devil and it remained to the doors to enter the infraworld. So that Jack is forced to wander with a light done with a vegetable and a special coal of hell€¦ What fear!

Sight how Jack in this video becomes of youtube.

The United States.

Halloween appeared in the USA in 1921 when a parade was realised that organized the Irish in Minnesota. After the great success, Halloween was tendency in almost all the states of the USA. Finally, it ended up arriving at Europe, including Spain.

Studies of the University of Yale.

According to the studies realised in Yale, the future mothers do not give light now because the death, the skeletons and the evil cause that unconsciously they realise the childbirth before or after Halloween. Peculiar, hey?

Trick or treatment.

Why occur do caramels? It attempts the consequences if the disguised children do not receive their trifles€¦ Your house can finish full of eggs and toilet paper. Formerly it was thought that the dead made requests to the alive ones and if these did not take them to end, the alive ones could finish very badly.

The repeated disguise more.

In this magician, and as well, horrifying night they abound all type with disguises€¦ Which you think that they are most popular? Among them they are: Joker de Batman, the assassin of €˜Scream€™, the typical disguise of vampire, trims, zombie, etc€¦ Already you know how you are going away to disguise? We yes.

We burn calories.

Yes, you have read well. According to the investigation of the Lovefilm company, €˜Brilliance€™ is one of €œthe more caloric€™ films of the history of the cinema. This film causes that our organism consumes some 184 calories€¦ So, Who wants to make a marathon of horror films?

A different Halloween.

In other places as Hong Kong, the doors of the citizens are adorned with willow branches to frighten the bad spirits. However, in Tokyo a celebration dedicated to the eroticism is summoned where the protagonists are the disguises more €˜hot€™. You did not imagine it to you, hey?

Some idea for your disguise of Halloween? We hope that we have inspired to you€¦ And as always tenth: Give like him if you have liked and/or comp¡rtelo with your friendly. We see ourselves in the event of Halloween. Bye, cool people!

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