Course of English

for children



The courses of English for children are now different:

  • In LearnWithZac the family is important. Ours dpto. of RR.PP. , she organizes contests and events for all the family. We know that your children are important for you and from That's Cool we want to help them in its future.
  • Titled native professors, are in charge to cause that our students have a high motivation to learn. They will have a continuous pursuit with notes every trimester. Furthermore, the parents you will be able to speak with the professors and to know the evolution of your son.
  • Our Social Club is a designed place so that they are amused playing. Equipped with video game console, TV satellite, video library€¦

  • Our courses of English, are designed so that they learn in a motivating atmosphere. The work is funny. In addition to the grammar aspects we did not forget the playful part. The learning of a language must be funny at the same time as educative.
  • We think that the best way to learn a language is to give the same importance to the spoken part, the read one and the written one. In the future your children will be able to appear to the official examinations with total tranquillity, knowing that they have been able to dominate all the areas of the language the same.
  • We like the technology and we used it to teach. All our classrooms, have digital slates.