Plans dandies by Barcelona in English.


Boring at home without knowing how what to do? That seems some bars to speak to you in English. In these days, which really desires to us is to leave with friends and to pass it in English well€¦ To what yes.

Here I go to leave to a listing of some common but little very interesting bars to you of Barcelona where you will be able to practice English while you afternoon pass with your friendly taking something chilly€¦ Seem to You good does idea, truth? Then we go there!

  1. Bar the Scraper.

Pimero, the Bar the Scraper. It is a good place to go and to practice your level of English with Spanish and English people while you take a good coffee, refreshment or a appetizer. He is brilliant!

Address: Majorca street, 188


  1. The Travel Bar.

Breakfasts, covers, pizzas and cocktails in a coffee-bar of international atmosphere and point of contact of travellers.

Address: Street of the Boqueria, 27


  1. Bar Black Horse.

English bar of classic style that serves British beer and counts on several screens to see and to comment the sports.

Address: D'Allada street Vermell, 16


  1. English Oasis Coffee.

Group of lovers of the English language who meet every Sunday to socialize and to practice native speaking languages with worldwide.

Address: Street of the Sots-tinent Navarro, 18


  1. Drinks and New Friends.

It practices your English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan or German and, at the same time, friendly beams international in new Drinks and New Friends. To all the Wednesdays and Fridays meet.

Address: [email protected]


  1. Cal Ministre.

Breakfasts in English every Saturday. A good plan to learn and to enjoy! What better form to initiate the Saturday that sharing a rich breakfast with other people that, as, they like to practice the English.

Direction of Cal Ministre: Street of Sicily, 270 | Facebook Cal Ministre


Convinced You has the idea? I think to do it. If you know another bar where it is possible to be practiced English, leave it to us in the commentaries€¦ And, ah! Before one forgets to me€¦ If you have liked the post, give him €˜like€™ and/or comp¡rtelo with your friendly.


As soon as you go, I want your opinions. See you!

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