To learn English with YouTubers

Tired to study? You want to make a €˜break€™ and learn as well English with YouTubers? Easy and simple. Youtube, to part of being an Internet portal that welcomes all type of videos (music, entertainment, culture€¦), it is a brilliant tool to learn English. Yes, you have read well.

For some years, youtubers (bloggers of youtube) has reigned this community in such a way that in the main page we were a different assortment of youtubers: comedians, fashion victims, gamers, make-ups artist, travellers€¦ Of all type.

Listing of Bloggers English of youtube

So I recommend to you that you throw a look to him to this listing of bloggers English of youtube. You will pass it to you brilliant and, in addition, you will learn more English of an entertained way.

We begin with three superfunny channels with which you will be able to improve your British accent:

- Charles Joseph €œCharlie€ McDonnell

It is a British and musical videobloggero of Bath, Somerset, England.

- Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

It is a fashionable bloguera and beauty, YouTuber, and author. She is more well-known by the name of his channel of YouTube: Zoella.

- James Alfred €œJim Chapman€

In addition to being model, he is to vlogger English that is dedicated specifically to culture MGP, vlogging and in fashion masculine.

Listing of American blogeros

However, if you want to perfect your listening American, here you have to three blogueros more:

- Joseph Michael

He is to blogger, to gamer, comedian, singer, composer, actor, writer of Boston, Massachusetts.

- Jena N. Mourey

More well-known as Jenna Marbles, it is a personality of YouTube, to vlogger, comedian and American actress.

- Andrea Russett.

YouTuber that became famous by the publication of music videos of folksongs in its GETTOxFABxFOREVER channel.

Blogeros Australian in English

And finally, if you want to try by something different, I recommend to see the channel to you of an Australian:

- Troye Sivan Mellet

better well-known as Troye Sivan. She is a singer, composer, actor and youtuber South African-Australian.

I hope that you have liked this listing so cool and varied. Thanks, guys!

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