Plans dandies by Barcelona: To go to see a film in original version.


He arrives the good time and, yes, summer vacations€¦ But, what plans we can do? How we can continue practicing English while we are of vacation?

I already know that to study in summer it can get to be tostonazo but you have the solution here. If you are everything a film fan and you remain by Barcelona, a trip to the cinema to see films in original version can be a good idea to relax to you during the summer.

In Barcelona we can find several rooms of cinema €˜Original Version€™ (VO). What has of good these rooms? These cinemas show the films in the language in which they were produced originally (the majority of the cases in English). So that you are of luck: you can go to the cinema, to spend a good short while with friends and, as well, to practice English. What you want more? Good bond, and some popcorn.

listing of cinemas VO:

  1. Melies cinema

Two rooms of projections with sessions of classic, European, alternative cinema and films of author in V.O.S. Address: Carrer de Villarroel, 102, 08011 Barcelona.

  1. Cinemes Girona

Old cinema rehabilitated with three rooms that project independent films and Catalan films in V.O. Address: Carrer de Girona, 175, 08037 Barcelona.

  1. Cinemas Verdi Barcelona

Cycles and infantile cinema in five modern rooms with European and independent films in original version. Address: 08012, Carrer de Torrijos, 14, 08012 Barcelona.

  1. Film library of Catalonia Cinema

Projection of classic and contemporary cinema in a center of exhibition, restoration and cinematographic file. Address: Pla§a de Salvador Segu­, 9, 08001 Barcelona.

  1. Renoir Floridablanca

Five rooms in cinema with openings of billboard next to European and alternative films in original version. Address: Floridablanca street, 135, 08011 Barcelona.

  1. Yelmo Ic ria

Chain of modern cinemas multiroom with films of opening, re-release or spectacles in direct. Address: Shopping mall Centers of Vila Port Olimpic, Salvador Espriu Street, 61, 08005 Barcelona.

If you go this summer, you leave in the commentaries what so it has seemed you the experience. I as soon as finish the classes, fodder to go. I will already tell you.

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