To learn abroad English. A right decision?

Evindentemente the answer is a yes full one. Why?  Then we are going to enumerate the four reasons to you for which you would have to study abroad English.

  1. You will learn to valerte by same you in a country that is not yours. You would reinforce the self-esteem with your progresses insitu.
  2. You will know the culture and people other countries. You will share his traditions and you will communicate in his language.
  3. You will have new friendly and you will be able to maintain idiomatic feedback to your return. You will be able to communicate with them and to continue using the English.
  4. You will know tourist places and sites that surely will leave you deluded.
  5. You will speak English by €œlinguistic immersion.

Once I know clearly that I go away, I must choose city. In what city or country I will study my course of languages?

Here, personally, I recommend to you that you go where you want. One is to learn a language, but also we have ourselves to amuse with the experience.

In the case of England, at personal level, we recommended the North zone to you, since there are less tourists. If v¡is to the zone this, you consider the meteorological factor: rains and rains.

You choose a city that you like of English speech: London, Dublin, New York.  and the others will come rolling.

During how long it would have to be in a foreign country to study English?

The answer is very easy: at the most time far better, but is clear that it depends on the budget that you arrange and free time that we have.

with Becas MEC (we will speak of them in another post) usually you are between 4 weeks. As I have already told you before, it depends on money and time available.

You can learn English in your country during the school course and study English in another country in the period of summer. (it enters two four weeks).

Types of lodging

The most usual lodgings to study English in a foreign city, are the following.

  1. Residences of students. For people with desire to know people, to pass it and to be well in one international atmosphere (students of many different nationalities)

    In one he calls to account you will be able to have the comfort and necessary independence.  He will also allow you to with friends strengthen bows of many parts of the world with which to once continue maintaining the return contact. 

    As far as the comfort they emphasize the flexibility of schedules, the services of cleaning, the possibility of choosing the regime of meals, the own facilities (good rooms, WIFI, room of leisure, sports etc.) and mainly the fact that the residences of students are located closely together or in the same complex that the schools where they realise the courses of English.

  2. In houses of families. A calmer option for those than wants to know the culture the country. The coexistence with a family, assures a greater necessity to you to use the English speech to be able to communicate to you.

This summer you do your suitcase and explores new horizons.

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