It improves your Listening in English with these advice

4 advice to improve your Listening in English

Spain is the second country with worse results in €œlistening€ in English, only surpassed by France. Wow, truth?

Without a doubt the €œListening€ is the feared and hated part more at the time of realising an examination (even by the professor, exasperated by its slowness) but is one of most important, and than more usually we neglect€¦

To listen is not just like to hear; and to learn to identify the meaning of everything what your interlocutor says is quite complicated (mainly at the outset; and especially with those horrible and absurd conversations of the examinations complemented with radiocase to you old). To have a developed capacity of auditory understanding in the language that you wish to speak is fundamental and for that reason we are going to show the keys to you that will help you to reinforce your abilities to improve your €œlistening€ in English. Even if it is only to make pleasant those absurd dialogues of examinations 😉


The 4 advice of Listening in English who you must know

1. He improves your vocabulary in English

You can do a million exercises of €œlistening€, but you have little vocabulary your capacity of auditory understanding always will be little. While more words you know, majors opportunities you will have to progress. You cannot try to understand everything what you listen without a base, before you must become familiar with the different sounds from the language and seat concepts. In order to be able to improve your €œlistening€ in English we recommended these tricks to you to learn vocabulary:

  • Listings of words: he will be simpler to you to learn and to associate new terms with lists of words classified by subjects. It tries to learn a limited number of words every day (some 15 more or less) to facilitate that they do not forget to you and writes down most important and of greater interest for you.

  • Reading: the news, articles of magazines, books€¦ To read actively will allow us to incorporate new vocabulary progressively. If your level is low, it chooses short and simple texts at the outset. Increasing the difficulty little by little (nothing to put itself to read the scientific magazine of the NASA to first). It accompanies the reading with an electronic dictionary, because not only it will facilitate the search to you, but also that you will be able to also listen to the articulation of each word (and, as it is logical, to learn it).

  • Exercises: with the vocabulary exercises you will not only learn new terms, but you will seat and review the learned ones. Exercises of translation, understanding of reading, association of images€¦ Thus you will practice the equivalence of words in English and Spanish, and will identify the important terms and main ideas of the context. Whereas the visual reinforcement helps you to memorise of more effective form.

2. Listening and noneven to listen in English

Winston Churchill shelp €œS-value what he is needed to rise and to speak; but also he is what he requires himself to sit down and to listen€. So throw value to him and you listen:

  • Cinema and television: she is one of the best forms to improve your level of English from the sofa of your house, with a mantita and an earthen bowl of popcorn. Be used to seeing series and films to you in original version to assimilate the speed and intonation of the English-speaking speech. If at the moment your level is very not elevated, the best thing than you can do is to begin with the subtitles in Castilian (but never the audio one in Spanish, eye).  Once your ear is accustomed to the rates and the articulation, you will have to be thinking about changing those subtitles to the language of Shakespeare. The last step is not to have to use them. Difficult but nonimpossible! And if you do not know by where to begin kind to which they are the best series to learn English in Netflix in this 2018.

  • Music: to listen to music is the best form to learn to differentiate landlords from sound. On the contrary that with the series, here what we recommended to you is that first you directly listen to the songs with the subtitles in English. Once you dominate them or you will be able to put the subtitles in Castilian (the objective is first to learn the articulation, and or soon if that new vocabulary).  To listen to MGP is the best resource to improve your €œConnected speech€, the chained speech. We are vague by nature and we always lie down to make an effort the minimum to us, so we used this tool to unite several words in one so that he is more comfortable to pronounce them. An example in Castilian would be to say instead of €œI go for there€, €œI go pall¡€. The songs, to the being repetitive, will discover to you how the words are united, and in addition they allow you to practice it while you sing them.

  • €œAudiobooks€: the €œAudiobooks€ are magnificent tools to improve your €œlistening€ at the same time as you strengthen your articulation. And it is that again everything is advantages, since of a whole instrument treats 2—1 facing your learning. Spend time to him, you choose a book that you like and point the key words that you do not know soon for looking for his meaning.

  • Podcasts: you can listen to podcasts in English before sleeping to be accustoming your mental structure to the dynamic ones of the language or, even, by the street (with special attention to the traffic lights in red, that we do not want accidents by our fault). They will be to you very useful to put you to the day with the dialectal variants and to be able to control the diverse accents. We recommended the material to you of British Council, the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION or the motivational speeches of TEDx (these last ones for an advanced level more).

3. English speech

English speech whenever you have opportunity. The 24 hours of the day if it is necessary. Then as with any other discipline, the practice makes the teacher. To apply the learned thing will help to develop your comunicativas abilities you and to correct your errors.

In addition, it will be a good form to familiarize to you with the language of the possible most accidental way: he is not the same to listen to the English in an audio one where the articulation of the words is perfect, that to do it in a conversation of the day to day, where a great amount of expressions and modismos is included (not to mention slang, of €˜Slang€™€¦).

I know active! Speech regularly with that friend who dominates the English and you are not scared to ask to him what has shelp and how it has shelp it. It sees a bar of interchange of language and tomato a beer while it give a class with native to the good toast of some a Guinness.  It is useful and marks a trip to you British earth to eat €œFish&Chips€, to see monuments that clear the hiccup, and to put in better practice your English.


4. Point you at an academy of English

When learning a language, is until normal that you want to dominate all aspects in less time than Stephen King removes a new €œBestseller€. Nevertheless, it is a process that it requires of time, dedication and much patience to be successful.

Although you follow all our advice to improve your €œlistening€ (and we assured to you will be to you of help), your effort will give better results if in addition you combine it with an academy of English.

The beginning, like to put goals of New Year, usually is easy, but to maintain your motivation and to progress by your account usually are made very uphill. However, if you score at an academy of English you will have acquired a commitment with same you. Leaving it will not be an option (unless you want to lose time, effort and money).

In an academy immediately you will see your progresses thanks to the certainty of the classes. Better motivation to follow with your learning of the English does not exist. In addition, you will receive customized help, with a practice and a methodology adapted to your weak strength and. And, by all means, with native professors you will very thoroughly work as much the €œListening€ as the articulation. You will practice next to a group of students with the same level that you with whom to exercise your abilities of conversation.

It is not to compliment to us, but in €œThat's cool education€ ( we will obtain that you obtain a complete immersion in English, which will allow not only to develop your €œListening you€, but also your €œSpeaking€, €œReading€ and €œWriting€ 🙂