The articulation in English is the aspect that resists to us more

Advice, tricks and resources to improve your articulation in English

Yes, you have read well. The articulation in English can be improved. It is not impossible.

The studies confirm that the Spaniards we do not have ease when speaking the language of Shakespeare, that we handled in the reading and writing but that the understanding and articulation cost horrors to us. When studying the grammar is prioritized or the vocabulary and underestimates the vital importance of the articulation, an error that ends up passing invoice in our communication.

You can distinguish the difference between €œSheet€ and €œShit€? Because he is not the same to speak of a €œLeaf€ that of a €œExcrement€. Or when you go to a pub abroad and you end up requesting a €œBear€ (€œBear€) instead of a €œBeer€ (€œBeer€) with the expensive consequence of question of the waiter.

But reconozc¡moslo; this last one has passed us to all (that says no, it lies blatantly). Nevertheless, him remedy can be put. With these advice, tricks and resources to improve your articulation in English you will be able to improve your level and already of step to request your drink without fear to that they put an animal to you pel³n, adorable and achuchable in a tray.


Advice to improve your articulation in English

English listening

Before learning to speak, you must learn to listen. You can listen in English how you prefer, but we recommended podcasts warmly to you.

Podcasts is one of the most effective tools to learn a language, since you will be able to perfect your abilities of €œListening on the subway€, while beams even deport or while you have lunch. They will be to you very useful to put you to the day with the dialectal variants and to be able to control the diverse accents. Podcasts Throws a look to our post €œthe 10 better to learn English€ that it is going to you to be of much help in this sense!


Listen to you same in English

We did not talk about to that mantra Bohemian that it urges to leave it everything to you and to take a sabbatic year you in a paradisiac place to listen to everything what must say your inner soul. No, in fact we spoke of a true exercise of self-knowledge, since it implies to lose the shame and reason why much people hate it. One is to record your voice while you speak or you read in English, to listen to it later and to point your errors.

We as much know that it gives fear you to listen to your own voice, the interior as the outside, but you must lose the timidity. In fact, if the speakers of Spanish we removed so bad mark in articulation is by our fear to the ridiculous situation and to commit errors, when this one is the greater failure of all. Not only to learn a language, but in the life generally. Loosen long hair to you!


English Lee aloud

As we know that you are not going to make case to the previous exercise, we insisted. Listening to your own voice it give account to you of the many errors and successes that you commit speaking English and allow you to correct them on the march. It is free and you can do it without leaving your house. It aloud reads some book or English publication during 15 or 20 minutes to the day.

Not only you will learn to pronounce better, but also you will exercise muscles of the mouth and the language. Diverse studies have demonstrated that at least 3 months of daily practice are required so that the muscles of the mouth are adapted to other languages. It chooses a book that you like and whose history already you know, thus you will not have to be each two by three with the dictionary of by means!


English speech

English speech whenever you can. As in everything, the practice makes the teacher. It is the only form to familiarize to you with the language of the possible most accidental way. He is not the same to listen to the English in an audio one where the articulation of the words is perfect, that to do it in a conversation in real life, where a great amount of expressions and modismos is included. So that we are understood, he is not the same to listen Mat­as Pratt in the news that to speak with your grandmother.

That is why, and in this sense, we created and we planned classes of conversation of summer Total That's Speaking. It is more, we invited to you to come to these classes to improve your articulation. The reasons? We explained them to you better in €œWhy realising conversation classes in English before any other type of course€.


Watch films and series to you in English

She is one of the best forms to improve your level of English from the sofa of your house, with a mantita and an earthen bowl of popcorn. Be used to seeing series and films to you in original version to assimilate the speed and intonation of the English-speaking speech. If at the moment your level is very not elevated, the best thing than you can do is to begin with the subtitles in Castilian being advancing until you can listen to them in English (but only and only until you can merit without them).

According to this assignment we recommended the best series to you to learn English in Netflix in 2018 or the best films to learn manual British English €œlike to Sir€. A look throws to them because they will be to you helpful 😉


It sings in English

It learns the letter of a song in English and sings while it listening. To learn English with music is more beneficial than you create. Of funny form, you will learn new vocabulary and you will improve your articulation, in addition to accustoming and educating your ear to different accents and from English the daily one. To sing will help you to relax to you, as well as to improve your rate and the intonation. We recommended €œLyrics to you Training€ a full page of music videos where you can play to fill up the letters that lack of songs. In order to do it to you easier still in €œIt discovers which are the best songs to learn English€ you will find a selection of singers and subjects in English that they convince to us very much to learn this language 🙂


Tricks to improve your articulation in English

It imitates your favorite actors

The USA a mirror and pon the forefinger in your lips, as if you commanded to be silent to somebody. When you speak, you move the mouth and the way since you do it affects your articulation. Quick attention to the lips and the mouth of other people and imitates its gestures and sounds. You dare to practice it with the characters of your favorite series in English?

Quick attention to the syllables

The majority of nouns of two syllables has accent in the first syllable, and the majority of verbs of two syllables has their accent in second. For example if you say €œIt have a feeling€, you are speaking of the present or a gift. But, if you say €œpreSENT€, beams reference to the verb to present. Also the parts of a word can be easier to pronounce than the whole, so if you detach the words in syllables it will be easier you to accustom you the English articulation.


It learns to use the language

Badly you are not thought, centers you in the English that is to which we are. When speaking, you move your language to create the sounds. The difference between €œCurls€ (€œRice€) and €œLice€ (€œLice€) is in your language, fix to you if it is important! Kind then to how to practice some of the most difficult sounds of the language of Shakespeare:

  • Sound €œL€: your language must touch to the later part of your teeth and the gingiva superior.

  • Sound €œR€: your language does not have to touch your gingiva. The mouth dissuades your language in the middle of, near the place where it rests. You must feel how it blows to the air between your language and the part superior of your mouth when you speak. Also you must feel how a little are curved your lips.

  • Sound €œD€: the language raises until it touches the palate.

  • Sound €œV€: beam that your lip inferior touches to the teeth superiors and vibrates in touch when entering with them.

  • Sound €œTH€: you must put your language between your teeth superiors and inferiors and cause that it excels a little.


Resources to improve your articulation in English

Many Things

Certainly they sound to the €œMinimal pairs to you€, different words that have an almost exact articulation, in that only varies a sound: for example, €œShip€ (€œBoat€) and €œSheep€ (€œEwe€), not to mention all that we have commented to you at the outset. The difference is in the duration of the vowel. It happens with many words and often it costs to appreciate the difference. In this Web you have most current and it will help you to distinguish the sounds when listening.



Forvo is a Web created thanks to the collaboration of users worldwide who dedicate themselves to pronounce words in their language and counts in its data base with more than 120,000 different articulations. A resource wonderful to verify how a certain phrase is vocalized and to learn to differentiate accents from different regions. And we assured to you that they are not few!


These advice, tricks and resources to improve your articulation in English will be to you very useful; although we want to make clear that they are not Lourdes, that is to say they are not miraculous. If you are really arranged to follow them and he interests to you to learn the language, the best thing than you can is to do is to point you at a course of conversation in English as Total That's Speaking.

Not only you will educate the ear and you will improve the articulation with experts in the language, but you will learn English the real one and daily that is really used in a conversation and by all means you will gain much security and confidence in same you. You do not think it more and pronounces to you already!