what is hom³fono in English

What is hom³fono in English?

Hom³fono English is a word that is pronounced exactly just as another one but that it can be written differently and it has a different meaning completely.

There are many hom³fonos that we can find in the English language. We propose a list to you with most common.

How to study hom³fono English?

To study its articulation:

In addition, you can use Wordreference and to clicar in the symbol of the loudspeaker to see how it is pronounced.

It studies as they are written:

Here the difficulty comes. It studies each word to know how his meaning and thus to be able to recognize it quickly when you listen to it in a conversation. For example, If we listened to /miit/; quickly we will have two possibilities in our head €œmeet= of knowing somebody for the first time /quedar with which already you know€ and €œmeat= meat€. Soon it identifies the context and quickly you will be able to know of what it is being spoken.

To correct articulation errors:

To recognize that hom³fono we pronounced it bad, is the first step to give account us of which there are two words that are pronounced equal. All your life you have pronuciado a word of an incorrect form and therefore it is difficult that you recognize it in a recording type €œlistening€. Therefore, to learn it will serve to you again enormously.

Listing of the hom³fonos in English

  • Meat (meat) €“ meet (to know).
  • Weak (loose) €“ week (week).
  • It destroys (story) €“ tail (tail of the animal).
  • It beaches (simple) €“ to bear (bear).
  • Hi (hello) €“ high (high).
  • Waist (waist) €“ waste (to squander).
  • Hire (to contract) €“ to higher (more stop).
  • Air (air) €“ to heir (inheriting).
  • It ties (I ate) €“ eight (eight).
  • Band (band) €“ banned (prohibited).
  • They see (Jewish, string bean) - they been (been).
  • Blew (blowing) €“ blue (blue).
  • Cereal (cereal) €“ serial (series).
  • Flew (I flew) €“ flu (influenza).
  • Flour (flour) €“ to flower (flower).
  • Hole (hole) €“ whole (everything).
  • Knows (it knows) €“ not (nose).
  • Made (done) €“ mhelp (mhelp).
  • Mail (mail) €“ male (male).
  • Role (paper, roll) €“ roll (to coil).
  • They are (son) €“ sun (sun).
  • Waist (waist) €“ waste (to squander).
  • Wait (to hope) €“ weight (weight).
  • Whose (of whom) €“ who's (who is).
  • Knew (it knew) €“ new (new).
  • Knot (naked) €“ not (not).
  • Network (red) €“ read (I read).
  • Buy (to buy) €“ by (by) €“ bye (goodbye).
  • Find (to find) €“ fined (fined).
  • He is (sea) €“ see (to see).
  • Rode (I mounted) €“ road (wagon).
  • Scene (scene) €“ they seen (seen).
  • Jeans (Texan) €“ genes (genes).
  • Mind (mind) €“ mined (mined).


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