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Our English Academy of and its Levels.

That' Cool we are an academy of groins that we offer an ample fan of courses specialized in the learning of this language; as much actual as at a distance. That' Cool we are an innovating equipment with a center equipped with the last technology to make of the learning of our students a unique experience. All our professors are native titleholders and we counted on an educative program of high quality.

One already knows that one of the main intentions of the Spaniards when a new year begins is the one to learn languages. If you are interested in the English, one of the majors problems which they face the students is the articulation of the language.

Then, unlike which many create, it is not absolutely impossible to improve the accent at the time of speaking in English. For it simply it is necessary to have the opened mind, to deliver a constant attack and to try with new strategies.

Today there are preparation a small guide with some basic advice who certainly turn out to you helpful to improve your articulation in English.

How to improve your articulation in English? 3 Tricks

Lee aloud every day

At the time of learning a certain language the daily reading is practically indispensable. In the case of the English there are publishing house books as Oxford or Cambridge of different levels, so simply you must look for one that adapts at your level of the language. A good idea is to take control of audiolibro, these publishing houses also have them; this way, while listening the speaker you are it imitating.

In order to read aloud it is essential to know a clearly notion of how a correct articulation feels and sounds. Otherwise, you will only reaffirm a bad articulation.

It records your voice

Continuing with the previous point, at the time of improving your articulation in English, one of the most effective ways to obtain it is to record your voice; you can do it while you read aloud. At the outset it will turn out to you complicated to listen to you same, but you do not worry because you are accustomed quickly.

It is necessary to consider that to the majority of us we do not like our own voice nor in our maternal language. Perhaps thus, the combination of your voice plus the fact to listen to speak to you in English is to you uncomfortable at first. But you do not throw the towel! It is a very important step so that you are conscious of how it is your articulation and how it is improving day to day.

It listens the native ones

There is no better way to improve your articulation in English that listening daily native speaking in this one language. The new technologies give an amplest fan you of possibilities to obtain it. If your level of English is not too high, most recommendable it is than you begin by short videos with subtitles in platforms in Youtube or podcast. As you are advancing, you can be trying with more complex things as songs, series or films.

Like in Castilian, in English very many different accents exist. In order to go to you doing with the articulation of each of them, test to listen audio of native people of different countries: Great Britain, Ireland, the United States, New Zealand€¦

It learns English in That's Cool!

If you want to learn English to have majors labor and formative opportunities, in That's Cool we make your whole available an ample fan of courses.

Formation on the one hand, online; a fantastic option if you live outside Barcelona or, although cheers in the city, you do not have time to come until the academy. Courses of English for adults, as well as to prepare official examinations; in addition, we offer gratuitous actual classes of speaking every week so that you acquire necessary the linguistic skills in each level.

And, on the other hand, actual courses for children, adolescents and adults. Also specific formation in English of businesses.

If you are interested in our courses of English, you can put to you with us of fast and simple way in touch sending a message to us through this one form. If you prefer to speak personally with us, also you can call to us by telephone to number 934227700/644240624. He will be a true one to please to take care of to you as English academy Barcelona.



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