With the following better songs to learn English you will improve your articulation

It discovers which are the best songs to learn English

Why to listen to songs to learn English? No, in serious, it is a good method? Perhaps it provides a true utility? Then that is what we are going to see in the present article 😉

Admit¡moslo, music is fundamental in our life. Or in the shower, the radio of the car or a pub, it comprises of our routine. Like the cinema or the series, to learn languages listening music is a dynamic, gratuitous and very effective method. And by all means, the English is between these languages 🙂

Of pleasant form, you will learn new vocabulary and you will improve your articulation, in addition to accustoming and educating your ear to different accents and from English the daily one. That yes, so that this method is really effective agrees to consider a series of €œsmall steps€ or advice. That is to say:


Advice to learn English listening to songs in English

  • I know practical: he is not the same to listen to songs in English with nascent level that advanced. He chooses songs adapted at your level of vocabulary.

  • He selects: €œna na na€ is very well for singing in the shower, but at the time of the truth you need a song that speaks of a concrete subject. He chooses singers who vocalize and preferably songs according to the vocabulary that more interests to you to learn.

  • To memorise: he time and time again repeats, he repeats and he repeats these songs. Thus you will facilitate its memorization, you will understand better the letter and you will remember better its vocabulary.

  • He sings: in addition to taking note and translating those words that you do not understand, you must sing the song to memorise it. By much shame that it gives you (the shame and the learning of languages do not take 😉 especially well).

  • It enjoys: it does not have sense to martyr to your ears with a sort with which you do not feel comfortable. It chooses songs and singers whom you like. Although if you need something of inspiration the following listing can helpful be to you!

Now yes! €œReady plows you€ According to ours humbler opinion we bring here our top to you 7 of songs today to learn English with songs. As well as other subjects of the same singers who agree in positive aspects with the mentioned ones, and songs of other authors who provide similar benefits 🙂


Which are the 7 better songs to learn English?

€œLet it sees€, The Beatles

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: Considered one of the 500 better songs of the history and interpreted by the referring one of the most famous MGP-rock for all time. €œLet it go€ is the advice who the mother of Paul McCarney gave him when this she felt bad, which inspired to dedicate to him this song to him and already of step to cause that all we feel better when listening to it.

€œHey, Jude€, €œYesterday€, €œEight days to week€, €œYellow Submarine€€¦ Practically all songs count on pegadizas, pleasant letters and of great content and message. By anything they are not used by professors absolutely the world in his classes to perfect English of his students thanks to his relatively slow simplicity and rate.

Related songs: €œIt imagines€, John Lennon. €“ €œStand By Me€, Ben E. King. €“ €œI will always love you€, Whitney Houston. €“ €œSurf's Up€, The Beach Boys.


€œCould You Be Loved€, Bob Marley

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: The Jamaican is a referring one of the reggae and must be a €œMust€ in your list of songs to learn English. He has left great phrases for the memory and in his music he abounds the social critic, the fight and the resistance. Kind to €œnonWoman, nonCry€, €œStir It Up€ or €œOne Love€. You will learn much with his slow music and its accent; in addition to impregnating of a very good roll 😉 to you

Related songs: €œMrs. Robinson€, Simon and Garfunkel. €“ €œLittle Talks€, Of Monsters and Men. €“ €œWhat to wonderful day€, Louis Armstrong. €“ €œI €˜m yours€ Jazon Mraz.


€œJailhouse rock€, Elvis Presley

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: It would be a sin not to learn English with the king of the rock and roll. A myth that changed to music by means of its personality and own style. But in its albums not only there is rock, also you will find country, MGP, ballads or blues, reason why you will have much diversity of styles and subjects. Many of their songs, as for example €œIn the Ghetto€, tell in addition to stories and histories you that help you to visualize. €œLet's rock everybody, let's rock€. It is to listen and to animate to him to you to dance ipso facto!

Related songs: €œFeeling Good€, Michael Buble. €“ €œThriller€, Michael Jackson. €“ €œI Will Survive€, Gloria Gaynor. €“ €œI wish you were to hear€, Pink Floyd.


€œWith or without you€, U2

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: This eighties Irish band connects with the public through songs based on social, cultural and political, religious or environmental the commitment. Its diversity of subjects assures to you to learn new vocabulary, apart from which their songs are of slow rate and easy to follow. We recommended €œAll to you I want is you€, €œBeautiful day€ or €œIs still haven €˜t especially found what I for a.m. looking€™. Although you choose the one that you choose, we doubted much that you are mistaken 🙂

Related songs: €œIt's the end of the world ace we know it€, R.E.M. €“ €œShe will sees loved€, Maroon 5. €“ €œWhat dog I do you? €, The Corrs. €“ €œWhen You're Gone€, Avril Lavigne.


We plows the champions, Queen

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: €œShow must go on€ or €œWe will rock you€ (to only put other two examples more) puts the end hairs to us. The entire world knows these songs that we found in all type of sport events, commercial spots and films. Freddy Mercury is for many the best voice of the history of the rock, with impressive a scenic force and an assortment of letters that touch all the woods. You have the opportunity to put you to the day with €œBohemian Rapshody€, biopic of the singer who wears for the first time himself next in Spain. The song, with parts of ballad, operetta and hard rock, is a masterpiece. And a very good song with which to learn English.

Related songs: €œThe Creep€, Radiohead. €“ €œTime is Running Out€, MUSE. €“ €œWonderwall€, Oasis. €“ €œBrown to sugar€, Rolling Stones.


€œClocks€, Coldplay

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: €œTo sky full of stars€, €œThe speed of sound€, €œAlive the life€€¦ This British band, or speaks on the present time, the life or the love is able to transmit positividad in all subjects; that they are able to combine varied grammar structures. The letters of Chris Martin are sung in any corner of the world and the band is able to fill to the stages year after year.

Related songs: €œTorn€, Natalie Imbruglia. €“ €œThe Way You Are€, Bruno Mars. €“ €œI Gotta Feeling€, The Black Eyed Peas. €“ €œBlank Space€, Taylor Swift.


Rolling in the deep, Accepts to him

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English: Nobody can deny that Accept to him has been one of the singers with massive most successful in the last decades. As well as nobody can deny that she is an excellent singer who gathers the witness of past divas. €œSomeone Like You€, €œHello€, €œOne and only€, €œSet Fire to the Rain€€¦ It gives equal what you listen, all songs are good to practice the articulation because it has vozarr³n spectacular and it vocalizes as Los Angeles (British angels by all means).

Related songs: €œRespect€, Aretha Franklin. €“ €œSomebody That I Used to Know€, Gotye. €“ €œMy Heart will go on€, Celine Dion. €“ €œI pull ahead€, Beyonc©.


We hope that our selection of the best songs is fun to you to learn English and, mainly, that is to you helpful for little by little being improving your articulation.

But we are sincere; if you really want a complete immersion in the language, for it nothing better than to combine this method with a course of English fact and right.

Like we have compiled in this article music for all the tastes and colors, in €œThat's cool education€ also we adapted, with specialized courses to improve what you prefer, or your €œListening€, your €œSpeaking€ or your €œReading and Writing€.

So already you know, music, teacher!