A series of songs easy to learn English to consider

10 songs easy to learn English

It comes, we are sincere: to whom it does not like to sing? Who has not hummed sometimes that one of €œSupercalifragilisticoespialidoso€? Who does not know some song of €œThe Beatles€? Who never has ended up singing in €œSpanglish€ a song of that one Anglo-Saxon author whom as much it likes? We are, then, sincere: to all we like to sing.

And what peculiar: numerous studies indicate that to learn significantly amusing improvement the memorization of the diverse concepts

If we have this in account; why not to learn English with songs in English?

Nevertheless, the only benefit is not that one that this resource raises to us. €œBut it is that one really can improve its level with music to learn English€. Then yes, wanted lector/a; only that there is to follow the suitable steps:


How to learn English with songs?

  • Before entering matter; we would like to quickly review the advantages of this method, which can as well be divided in two subcategories: to learn English listening to songs accustoms your ear to the diverse sounds of the Anglo-Saxon language, as well as it helps you to acquire new vocabulary of the thematic ones that you want (and it walks that it does not have thematic€¦). On the other hand, to learn English singing will help you to improve your articulation at the same time as you try to imitate this one, and it will quickly clear the shame to you when speaking in this language (mainly if you dedicate yourself to sing music in English on a daily basis, although it is in the shower).

  • It chooses songs to study that you really like. As we shelp at the outset, this method is based on the diversion. If the songs in English that you have you before not you like, badly we go.

  • Nothing of €œBohemian Rhapsody€ at the outset. No matter how much you like and no matter how much we enter contradiction with the previous point. Despacito, step by step. It begins by subjects more sencillitos not to see you nothing else supersaturated to begin. That is why today we have brought you these songs easy to learn English!

  • Nothing to have the letter ahead! At least at the outset. Why? Good, because in this first step, with these songs easy to sing, only looks for that you accustom your ear to the different sounds from the British language (€œThree witches watch three Swatch watches€¦€).

  • Now yes, the €œLyrics€ ten always by hand. The hour has arrived to see how the words are pronounced correctly, as well as to point all those terms whose meaning you did not know.

  • To repeat, to repeat, to repeat and returned to repeat. Now only lack that you listen to these songs more in one go so that one is based the new lexicon and memorised sounds. Yes, to learn English with music implies certain repetition; but you are able to reinitiate time and time again your list of €œSpotify€ you will not have problems with this music in English, no?

Which are the 10 better songs easy to learn English?

ABCD Song in Alphabet Water Park

Who sings? Then the truth is that we do not have nor idea.

Why she is one of the best songs easy to learn English? We know it, we know it. Infantile song where there are them. But that does not clear so that it is a wonderful music with which to learn the essential alphabet in English. Why you create perhaps that they put it without exception some in all school and academy?


Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Who sings? Sight that we know it to us of memory; but nothing, that we do not know his responsibility either.

Why she is one of the best songs in English for children? And we followed with the infantile songs in English. But for a good reason (a pair rather): all we have grown with her, which demonstrates its utility. And secondly, that enviable rate comes from pearls to learn different parts from the human body. You do not worry. Now we began with more serious songs.



Who sings? Then film depends on the song/of which we are speaking. But we talked about to the song that illustrates this point; Phil Collins.

Why she is one of the best songs in English for children? Films thought for children, with songs thought for children. In English by all means (it is what has is a American company). But we are sincere again; these songs in English not only like to more you sin of the house. €œI Won't Say I'm In Love€, €œColours Of The Wind€, €œCircle Of Life€, €œUnder the is€€¦ We are sure that they sound to you. Take advantage of them, are perfect songs easy to learn English 🙂


Let it sees

Who sings? You already know it, were more famous than Jesus: €œThe Beatles€.

Why he is one of the best subjects to learn English with songs? We have mentioned €œLet it sees€, but the certain thing is that the great majority of songs of this group of Liverpool is perfect to learn the language of Shakespeare: slow, slowed down, of perfect diction, with an accent of most neutral, varied vocabulary€¦ And what noses! They are temazos!


You're Beautiful

Who sings? James Blunt.

Why he is one of the best subjects to learn English with songs? Another slow song. Perfect to distinguish clearly each and every one of the sounds of the English that are put in practice in the song at issue. With a net British accent (that stops something James Blunt is of Wiltshire). Except for which a pair of interesting expressions can be learned.


One love

Who sings? Bob Marley.

Why he is one of the best subjects to learn English singing? All the songs of the famous Jamaican artist are not suitable to learn English; but in this case, in spite of the accent, the letter is perfectly distinguishable, with a rate enviable and varied vocabulary. And reconozc¡moslo: with music in English as this one is pleasant to begin Monday.


Someone like you

Who sings? Accept to him.

Why she is one of the best songs easy to sing in English? Ow! What to say of Accepts to him! Its diction is nearly perfect, its songs are understood perfectly. Their thematic ones of are varied. It serves as example the present song.


Don't Stop Me Now

Who sings? Queen.

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English? Yes, we are conscious that in the prefaces of this article we have recommended to you that you scorned €œBohemian Rhapsody at first€. But it is had because it is very difficult to follow! Now does not happen the same with €œDon't Stop Me€. Which is still peculiar, because it has a rate of most diabolical.


The Lazy Song

Who sings? Bruno Mars.

Why she is one of the best songs to learn English with music? In an advanced level more (for students that happens of the A2 to the B1) we already recommended this subject of Bruno Mars. Funny at least, pegadiza to the safe thing, and with succulent an English €œSlang€ to learn 😉


I pull ahead

Who sings? Beyonc©.

Why she is one of the best songs easy to learn English? Perhaps most complicated of the songs compiled here. But for that reason less nonrecommendable. Ideal for when already you are going to take the step to the intermediate level and you handle yourself with the rest of subjects of the present list. Subjects of the present time, contractions€¦ It will be all a test for your level of English.


10 songs that surely will be to you helpful for following at home practiced your English! Although taken care of; we remembered to you that there are to conceive it as a complementary resource. A method which is had to see supported by a good course, with its slight knowledge of grammar, its exercises, its practical exercises€¦ If we can be to you of help in our academy of English, more than enchanted we will make use to you 🙂