If you want to prepare some examination of Cambridge online as the PET or First Certifies to you and you do not know as, you have arrived at the correct site.

Nowadays we needed more than ever to optimize the free time to dedicate it to improve our curriculum or simply to improve in some aspect that is to us useful. It is for that reason that the learning online contributes advantages to us on the actual ones. 

If you do not have the level, you will need to make a course that contributes knowledge to you: grammar and vocabulary but without letting of side the part listen or speak. Here it is where That's Cool marks the difference. Many classes of English online do not have oral practice, you cannot speak with a native professor. Some of them offer services of position of a guardian with a native one but with classes very limited or packages of hours that are, sometimes, insufficient.

That's Cool free solves this problem with classes of Speaking for our students. After preparing the course of examination of Cambridge online, you will be able to be united to our classes of speaking in our center. To speak with native and practicing what you have learned with other companions. You will have up to 4 h/semana of oral practice that you will be able to be useful. These classes are always optional, therefore, if you cannot attend that day because you have an examination in the €œUni€, doctor, meeting of work or other commitments, does not pass anything. You can come any other day and continue speaking in English.

How I know which is my level of English?

Before deciding to you it has to make a course of preparation of First (for example). You would have to know if you have the level or no. For it can realise our test of level that you will find in one of the yellow eyelashes of the principle of the page. If you do not find it I leave the link you: level test. It contacts with us by telephone or via form of contact that you will find in our pages. We will inform you into your level and we will recommend you what course adapts better to your needs. All this without commitment none, by all means.

Now that already you know your level is called on to decide. You can be that:

  • You already have FCE level:  Your course is not that. You do not need more knowledge. What you need is practical in the form of tests of examination. These will help you to familiarize to you with the examination format and to have many more possibilities of pass. We recommended to you that you look at these other course of tests that adapts better to which necesitas-> to prepare examination PET online, to prepare examination FCE online and to prepare examination FALLS online
  • You still do not have FCE level: This course is for you. You need more knowledge and this course is going them to you to provide. You can continue reading and you will find specific information of this type of classes online. 

Course PET (B1) and FCE (B2) Online

In That's Cool, we prepared you to surpass level PET (B1) and level FCE (B2). The examinations of Cambridge online:

  1. To whom it goes directed? Our preparatory course of the examination of the PET and FCE goes directed to those students who do not have free schedules to be able to make an actual course or want to manage their time to realise a course.
  2. How many they are the estimated times of the course? It would have to spend at least some 90 hours to be able to realise it in the indicated time.
  3. How much last does the course? Our course lasts 9 months of October until June. When finalizing the same also has a course of PET or FCE exams of two months of duration (only examination test).

What offers That's to you Cool?

  1. An expert educational equipment in the preparation of examinations of the University of Cambridge.
  2. Pedagogical support throughout the process.
  3. One of the best digital platforms of the market. In order to learn of the hand of experts in formation online. 
  4. Classes of conversation free in center: To consult schedules and days available.

Requirements: To pass the test of level of the webpage corresponding to B1 or B2, computer, tablet or mobile with connection to Internet.

Prices: Access to platform and first month of guardianships including in the first payment. Consultation in our center: 934227700 or stuffed the contact form that you found anywhere of our Web.