There are American series to learn English for all the pleasures

The 10 better American series to learn for all time English

It learns the language of Shakespeare from the sofa of your house with the 10 better American series to learn for all time English.

Of funny and cheap form, while you disconnect of the routine and raisins a good short while you can be studying without realizing. How? Seeing films and series in original version; a beastly tool to perfect the language. Whatever your level, listening the series with subtitles in English, you will accustom your ear to the sounds characteristic of the language of Shakespeare, will catch the different accents, you will learn vocabulary and expressions, as well as you will improve your articulation.

On the other hand, the voice of an actor determines more of 70% of the credibility of a scene, reason why in addition to the untranslatable jokes, you will notice shades of an unsuspected quality that never before you had appreciated. In LearnWithZac we know that the importance is in the small details; that is why we animated to you to that, after following our advice, DES the great step to point you at our academy!

We want that you obtain what you set out and we will obtain that you obtain a complete immersion in English, which will allow not only to develop your €œListening you€, but also your €œSpeaking€, €œReading€ and €œWriting€.

And now coarse of chat, it takes to the popcorn and the control, and prepares you for our selection of the 10 better American series to learn English!


American series to learn English at basic level

Modern Family (€œa modern family€)

Of what she goes: In false format of documentary, nothing conventional formed by a marriage with children, a gay couple and a married mature man with a much more young woman portrays the life of an American family.

Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: The comedies are one of the most recommendable sorts to learn English of pleasant way and €œModern Family€ has been one of most successful of the last years. All the characters use a colloquial language and have a neutral accent that allows to perfectly understand the majority us of the dialogues. In his episodes of only 20 minutes you will laugh yourself to outbursts of laughter and you will feel identified with the Hispanic accent of Sof­a Vergara, the €œColombian Sex symbol€.


How I met your to mother (€œHow I knew your mother€)

Of what it goes: Ted Mosby decides to tell to its children its history and the one him of its friendly since he begins search the woman of his life in 2005 until the day in which finally he knows it.

Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: The heiress of the mythical €œFriends€ will help you to perfect your abilities of €œListening€ at a very accessible level. You will find many different voices and accents (for example, the peculiar Canadian accent of Robin). You can see a chapter of this series while you eat at work given its short duration, apart from which their 9 seasons turn it into one of our favourite series to learn English daily American and.


Narcotics detectives

Of what he goes: He narrates the ascent and fall of the famous narcotics trafficker Pablo Escobar from the point of view of the own one To sweep and the agents of the DEA that fought to catch it.

Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: Narcotics detectives are one from the best series to learn English because the majority of actors is speakers of Spanish and it will be to you very easy to understand to them, reason why are a great option if your level of English is very not advanced. That yes, when you arrive at intermediate level you will have to happen to series with English-speaking actors!


Devious Mhelps (€œBred and evil€)

Of what it goes: Cradle in the Mexican series €œThey are the joy of the home€, this dramatic comedy portrays the life of 5 Latin charwomen of the home who combine their ambitions and dreams with the work for the most opulent and famous people of Beverly Hills.

Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: To the style €œdesperate Women€, she is one of the most recommendable series to learn English American when one finishes beginning in the combat of the English language. She has a strong presence of the Spanish in his scripts, reason why you will not have to be 100% kind one in all the conversations to follow its plot.


American series to learn English at intermediate level

Breaking Bad

Of what it goes: After turning 50 years, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a professor of chemistry of an institute of Albuquerque, finds out that he has a cancer of incurable lung. With an pregnant woman and a disabled son, he decides to make drug with an old student and thus to leave money to his family when he dies.

Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: It is the series of television n


°1 of the world and at the moment heads Libro Guinness World-wide de Records in this area. In addition to learning a pile of €œSlang€ (English the most colloquial one), the articulation of Walter and its form to speak they will serve you to accustom your ear to the English language with one of the best actors who have spent through the small screen in the last years. Ideal if you have a intermediate-high level English.

Mad Men

Of what it goes: Acclaimed dramatic series that narrates the beginnings of one of the most prestigious creative agencies of publicity of the Sixties, and centered in one of the most famous executives of the signature, Don Draper (Jon Hamm), a man with a great talent and mystery.


Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: €œMad Men€, the series that marked before and later for spectators and critics, is perfect if you want to enjoy an exquisite American accent. Account with the vocabulary of simplest and easy to understand; but as well also with a specialized lexicon, between €œIdioms€ and slang of the audio-visual sector that will put the things to you somewhat more complicated (and at the same time to learn new and varied vocabulary).

Prison Break

Of what it goes: The plot turns around Lincoln, the condemned to capital punishment to assassinate the brother of the vice-president of the United States. In spite of all the evidences, his brother Michael believes in his innocence, reason why he decides to rob a bank to let itself catch and be jailed in the same prison that he. Its objective: to escape together.


Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: When being developed in a prison it has the most colloquial, perfect vocabulary of learning the English of the day to day. Their protagonists speak with a perfect American accent. In addition, the dialogues are quite clear and short, which will help you to follow the conversations and their brilliant plot without many difficulties.

American series to learn English at advanced level

Twin Peaks

Of what it goes: €œTwin Peaks€ follows the history of the agent of the FBI Dale Cooper, who is sent to the fictitious city of Twin Peaks (Washington) to investigate the murder of the popular one and respected student of secondary Laura Palmer.


Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: Twin Peaks considers the pioneer of the phenomenon €œseri©filo€ and revolutionized the form to watch in years 90 in the United States. Acclimated in a small isolated American town between mountains, the conversations of the disquieting settlers are a material valuable to familiarize to you with the English more traditional American. In addition, of the hand of agent Cooper, you will learn everything on the police slang.

Game of Thrones (€œGame of thrones€)

Of what it goes: Cradle in books of George R.R. Martin, shows the competition between noble families of 7 fictitious kingdoms whose aim is to accede to the Iron Throne.


Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: Although you are not fan of the fantasy, the medieval battles or the dragoons; €œGame of Thrones€ is one of the best series for all time and it will hook you to the screen as if it did not have tomorrow. In case that was not sufficient reason, it is an excellent example of the English politician and negotiation, and reflects the diversity of Anglo-Saxon accents perfectly, due to the different origins from the actors.

The Newsroom

Of what it goes: Carried out by Jeff Daniels, €œThe Newsroom€ keeps awake the mysteries of the important previous work in an informative one of a journalistic writing pertaining to a payment chain.


Why she is one of the best American series to learn English: It will help you to deepen in the English of businesses. That yes, is created by Aaron Sorkin: the creator of €œthe wing the west of the white house€ or €œSome good men€, reason why their scripts are characterized as quickly as possible by characters who speak without stopping and. An advanced level is necessary therefore to follow the thread to them, but you obtain it you will have demonstrated to be experienced speaking of the English language 😉