With these films to learn English American you will improve much your level

The 10 better films to learn English American

Certain, certain; it does some time already we wrote about the best films in British English, but which are the best films to learn English American? That the present article serves to give to answer to this question 😉

So that these films to learn English American are to you really useful you will have to see them in English with subtitles in English. Nothing of subtitles in Spanish!

Nevertheless, before entering completely the subject, one cannot avoid to ask itself: really are useful the films to learn English easy? Good, certain it is that a good course and/or academy cannot be compared with, but raise a great number of benefits. And sincerely we think that it is a great material with which to complement a program of English:

  • In order to begin because it is an funny method. This fact is more important than it can seem at first; then it is more than verified than the students who learn English amusing itself far better assimilate and faster the different concepts from this language.

  • Because in addition vocabulary in English is a very good form to acquire enormous amounts again. To learn English with films allows to accede more from the daily vocabulary to refining (in case sometimes they invite you to a celebration in the Wayne mansion). Without forgetting slangs or vocabulary to us of very specific sectors (for example, with €œSocial The Network€ you will learn enough new words of technological nature). For it we animated to you to always have paper, dictionary and pencil by hand. Thus you will be able search the meaning of all those terms that you do not know and to incorporate them to your listing.

  • Because you will improve your articulation and diction. And it is that for it there is nothing no better than little by little to accustom your ear to the English language. Except for which you will learn to distinguish the different accents from the English, as well as to vocalize certain palabrejas of the language. Anyway, if your objective is to improve your articulation, we recommended then to send you to you of head to the swimming pool and to aim to you at classes of English conversational. English then the oral one not only is learned and improved listening to it, also practicing it under the supervision of an expert professor 🙂

Having in mind these benefits, we have reunited next a total of 10 films to learn English American (ordinates of minor to greater difficulty). What criteria we have considered? The used vocabulary, the diction and articulation of the actors and participant actresses (as well as their accents), and the presence of useful dialogues 😉


Top 10: better films to learn English American

Toy Story

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: simple dialogues, daily vocabulary (yes, although it is conversations between toys) and the wonderful voices of Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear) and Tom Hanks (Woody) cause that this classic one of the Pixar factory is than recommendable more.


Indiana Jones

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: situations very easy to follow, direct questions, still more direct answers, variety of voices, and one of the best plots of adventures than never have been filmed makes us include to the saga of Indiana Jones in the present ranking.


Forrest Gump

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: again we were before films perfect to learn English basic. The simplest, but at the same time daily dialogues of, along with the slow diction of their protagonist (interpreted again by Tom Hanks) are conjugated in classic of the North American cinema and a very good film with which to improve your English.


The Hunger Games (€œthe Games of the Hunger€)

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: perhaps yes, it is not the best film than one can see; but to learn English American it comes very well. Reasons? Again we were before dialogues simple and easy to understand, the superlative diction of Jennifer Lawrence and, although their plot is not the best one of the world, yes it is very easy and entertainment to follow 😉


Avengers: Infinity War (€œAvenging: Infinity War€)

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: in fact all of the Marvel. Because no of them is going to gain Oscar some (although of this last one some statuette is rumored that yes could take), but because, again more, we were before a plagued film of multitude of dialogues easy to follow, a great variety of American accents (except for some other, as the one of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), which is Australian) and, in spite of this assortment, almost all of them with a very good diction.



We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: classic between the classic ones of the musical comedies. And a very good film for students of English of intermediate level thanks to its distribution, dialogues, plots and songs (which surely already you know 😉)

Cast Away (€œShipwrecked€)

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: you remember that we had shelp that the dialogues enchant to us? Then, this it practically films does not have nor one. And so yes it counts is with monologues. Very many. And all of them with Tom Hanks and its slow and clear articulation as protagonists.


Social The Network (€œthe Social Network€)

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: youthful, daily and technological vocabulary in a single film? Yes. Complicated Dialogues as as much simple? Yes. Perfect New York accent of Jesse Eisenberg in the paper of Mark Zuckerberg? Yes.


The Wolf Of Wall Street (€œthe wolf of Wall Street€)

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: With so many companies demanding the English language for its jobs, normal that the English of businesses is fashionable, no? Then €œThe Wolf Of Wall Street€ takes the palm in this sense! Certain it is that their dialogues and vocabulary are somewhat complicated. But you own an advanced knowledge of the English language, you will be able to perfect to the maximum your abilities with this film.


Pulp Fiction

We see why she is one of the best films to learn English American: if to something we phelp attention at the time of selecting films that are good to learn English are in their dialogues. And €œPulp Fiction€ does not walk lacking indeed of them. That yes, is quite complicated to follow, with a great number of modismos and colloquialisms of by means. The great variety of accents of the different actors from does not film help either. But you know what? One is an excellent film with which finally to get to dominate the American accent.


So you already know: it takes to your popcorn, a good refreshment, feels you in your better seat and ponte to see these films if English American is what you want to learn. Although put to see audio-visual content already to learn this language, it also takes good note from these series with which to learn English. Some recommendations that we hoped that they are to you of help; although in fact all series or film in original version and with subtitles in English will be to you of most useful. So, if you have NetFflix or HBO, you already know 😉