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PET online: Tests of examination.

If you want to prepare the PET online, we offer two months to you of course to realise different the test from practices of the Examination of the PET Cambridge English Preliminary. If you already have the level of FCE but you need to make tests of examination to be able to know which are the different parts and how to realise them, you are in the suitable course.

Here aprenderas the different parts from the examination and you will practice all the skills necessary to be able pass of the PET: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Our course will help you to face you the examination greater confidence.

Calls of the course to prepare PET online.

You can begin the course at any time. During the period of inscription to the course we will inform to you into the date of examination and will choose a period of course of two months previous to this date. Thus you will have time to realise the course and power to review before the examination. 

You will be able to come to all gratuitous ours €œspeakings in center€ while the course lasts. (to consult schedules of speakings)

You will have some obligatory hours of speaking including in the price: 3 hours   distributed in two days (1.5 and 1.5 hours) just before the official examination.

Rates of the PET and other data of interest

  1. Rates of Examination: PET: 103 ‚¬ approx
  2. The rates, will be phelp in the middle of the course. To reconfirm prices right before the inscription.
  3. Prices books: between 35-40‚¬
  4. Price of the course: 250‚¬ €“ 50% of Dto = 125 ‚¬ both months.

Why to realise the course of Preparation Examination Cambridge Online PET with us?

  1. Because we counted on an expert educational equipment in the preparation of examinations of the University of Cambridge.
  2.  We offer pedagogical Support throughout to you the process. You will have a tutorial professor/to be able to ask all doubts to him. In addition if they are not possible to be solved way online, you will be able to arrange an appointment with ©l/ella to be able to solve it in person.
  3.  For being our student, you will have conversation classes free in center (only during both months that lasts the course) To consult schedules and days available.

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