A series of tongue-twisters in English that are going to come to you very well

The 10 better English tongue-twisters in improving your articulation

In addition to the best series in Netflix to learn English in 2018, the English tongue-twisters in or €œtongue twisters€, of universal and intercultural character, is a perfect resource to learn English, since they constitute an excellent way to become familiar with the different sounds, the vocabulary and the syntactic structures of a language.

the 100 used words more in English

The 100 used words more in English.

1.000.000 of words (yes, with its 6 ceritos). That one is approximately the number of words on which it counts the Anglo-Saxon language. To try to learn all of them can be an odyssey. So it is normal that you ask yourself: which are the used words more in English thus centering me in them?

to learn English of funny form

CRAZY HOUR: It learns English of funny form.

To learn English in That's Cool is funny. In this course we will follow every month realising events of speaking and special days for our students. Among them, they are our Practical English and Gastro Meeting€¦ You know Them? If you are new student, we invited to you to that you notes every month because, to part to learn English, you will pass a good one€¦

CRAZY HOUR: It learns English of funny form. To read more €œ

what is hom³fono in English

What is hom³fono in English?

Hom³fono English is a word that is pronounced exactly just as another one but that it can be written differently and it has a different meaning completely. There are many hom³fonos that we can find in the English language. We propose a list to you with most common.

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