Courses of English in That's Cool

Courses of English That's Cool

Until not many years ago, knowledge one or several languages was synonymous of differentiation at the time of acceding to a certain labor position. Nowadays, for the majority of uses, especially those of average or high responsibility, occur by seated that the candidates dominate a foreign language at least. The past year 2016, 33.4% of the supplies of use managed by Adecco and Infoempleo demanded the domain of at least one foreign language, according to is detailed in a report published recently by both companies.

Carlos Abell³, director of Spring Professional in Catalonia, the signature of the Adecco group dedicated to the selection and evaluation of executives, average and directive controls, explains that the number of uses that the domain of languages asks for is growing exponentially.

Which are the asked for languages more?

In first position the indispensable one is placed English, requisite in.  90% of the supplies. It follows the French to him (7.2%), German (7.1%), Portuguese (1.3%) and Italian (0.8%).

What happens with the Russian, Chinese or Arab? Three languages very fashionable at the moment and by which more and more people are betting. To day of today, in our country they are not determining at the time of choosing a candidate. However, a candidate who has bothered himself in studying a language beyond the habitual ones denotes a great interest to have a global vision and the fact that she is an open person.

In what labor positions the knowledge of languages is demanded more?

Clear that in all the uses he does not value himself in measured equal that the employees are Polyglot. There are companies that, by the international level of the same, exclude those candidates who do not speak as minimum three foreign languages.

The requirement of the domain of foreign languages also varies significantly based on the sector. For example, in the industry of the fashion to know English is an indispensable requirement at the time of acceding to a labor position in prestige companies.

In the same way, the fact that the candidates are Polyglot also varies based on the labor position to which they wish to accede. In the case of the managers, in 51.7% the domain of at least one foreign language was requisite indispensable. However, in the rest of uses of a company the number in percentage terms descende to 22%.

If you want to extend this information, you have a post very good in the protal First Use: €œThe languages more demanded to work €œ

Classes of English in That's Cool

Our academy is located in Barcelona; so, if you live in the city or you live in cities near the same Barcelona, we offer the actual modality to you of course. With much oral practice thanks to speakings gratuitous for our students. You can see the special activities of speaking and events in this article.

That' Cool we are an innovating equipment with a center equipped with the last technology to make of the learning of our students a unique experience. All our professors are native titleholders and we counted on an educative program of high quality.


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