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The knowledge of languages increases the possibilities of finding use

The company of human resources Randstad has been publishing for some weeks a report in which analyzes the importance of the languages in the labor market, especially the one of the English. Then, as a conclusion, the report indicates that at the moment the knowledge of a second language increases in a 37% the possibilities of finding use; a percentage that is increased considerably in the average and high control points, surpassing even 60%. Thus, the ability to dominate another language is at the moment one of which it more increases the expectations of the candidates to find a use.

The exigency to know a second language is increasing

The exigency on the part of the companies to accede to a use, as much those that operate at national level as international, has gone off years in the last. The experts indicate to the globalisation as leading cause.

As it appears in the report of Randstad, 26% of the present supplies in the labor market demand knowledge of some foreign language, English being demanded. Other languages more and more demanded on the part of the companies are the French, the German or, in the last years, Chinese and the Arab. The analysis indicates that 16% of the supplies demand the French knowledge and the German is demanded in a 2% of the total of selection processes.

And the candidates?

All the given data until now talk about only and exclusively to the exigencies of the companies. But, Do the candidates really fulfill the expectations as far as the knowledge of languages? Then, at the moment, 57% of professionals in Spain affirm to have knowledge of English. Nevertheless, the percentage vary when the level of each of them is analyzed. Only 33% have a high level of the language, whereas 44% affirm that it counts on a mean level, and 22% consider that its knowledge of the language is basic.

They are youngest those than majors abilities demonstrate to communicate in another language in the professional scope. Thus, the knowledge of one second language falls of progressive and indirect way at the age of the candidates.

Knowledge of one second language, key to find use

At the moment, the knowledge of one second foreign language is one of the valued abilities more of the companies for its candidates, as he appears detailed in the report published by Randstad.

It is necessary to consider that the labor market is oriented more and more towards international surroundings, although the company at issue does not operate in the global market. The competition no longer is limited only the companies of the same city or the same country, but now it competes with international organizations. And all this in a point in which it emphasizes the talent deficit.

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