Tests FCE online.

If you want to prepare tests FCE online. That's Cool offers two months to you of course to realise different the test from practices of the First Examination Certifies (FCE) of the University of Cambridge or B2 level to you. If you need an actual course you can go to our section of examinations of Cambridge.

This course is ideal for the students whom already the FCE level has and only want to make the test of examination to be able to go preparations well. With this course of preparation of FCE online you will have all the arms pass. Much practice in the different skills as listening, writing, reading, uses of English and speaking.

The FCE is the English degree of necessary to be able to obtain a university title. Almost all the universities are going to you to ask that you have the recent FCE before sending the university degree.

With the course of preparation of FCE online you will be able to arrange your studies or work with time necessary to be able to prepare this examination. You will be able to as always do it to your rate and with much oral practice that is including in all our course.

The opinion of our students guarantees to us.



You can contact with us from this form of contact. Gave us what level you have and what course interests to you.

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Calls of the course:

There is no a special call. Nowadays we have the luck to throughout have dates of examination of the FCE or B2 the year. Always there is some examination in any month, in addition to having the variants of examination as the Paper Based (in paper) or the Computer Based (in computer).

In ours first visit we helped you to choose the most suitable date for each person and we propose a period to you of two months during which you will have open our educative platform to realise tests. Our tutor of course will help himself with the doubts and he will guide you in all the process. 

In the middle of the preparation we will realise all the proceedings in center examiner so that you do not have yourself to worry about anything.

Rates of the examination and other data of interest

  1. Rates of Examination: FCE: 192 ‚¬ approx
  2. The rates, will be phelp in the middle of the course. To reconfirm prices right before the inscription.
  3. Prices books: between 35-40‚¬
  4. Price of the course: 250‚¬ €“ 50% of Dto = 125 ‚¬. Total price for both months
  5. Obligatory hours of speaking including in the price 3 hours, distributed in two days (1.5 and 1.5 hours) just before the official examination.
  6. Until 4/h week of speaking free during the course (to confirm schedules available in secretariat)

Why to realise the course of Preparation Cambridge Examination Online with us?

  • We count on an expert educational equipment in the preparation of examinations of the University of Cambridge. They will help to remove the maximum benefit you from this course. They will help you with the doubts and you will be able to have them available by mail or in person during the schedules of positions of a guardian (to ask schedules in secretariat).
  • You will be able to realise the course to your rate and with the principles guarantees.
  • Because for being our student, you will have conversation classes free in center (only during both months that lasts the course) To consult schedules and days available.
  • In addition the course you have extra sections with material as: listings of vocabulary, phrasal verbs, collocations, review of grammar and exercises of grammar and vocabulary, transformations and much more.