Tests of preparation FALLS Online


Write to us indicating the course that interests to you and we will send all the information to you in 24-48 hours

How to make the preparation IT FALLS online? This is the question that you will be becoming if or you have the level of FALLS but you need to appear to the test of Cambridge FALLS or Advanced or C1.

It can be that also you wonder yourself what is advanced. It is the intermediate level that exist between the First Certifies to you (B2) and the Proficiency (C2). More than 80,000 educative centers, universities or companies they accept the C1 as reflection of a high degree of knowledge of the English. The C1 will help you in your day to day in the scope of the studies, work and residence in foreign countries.

To make the preparation of advanced semi actual has many advantages. One of them is that you will be able to make the course to your rate without nobody marks one hour to you of the day in which to work. In That's Cool education we offer two months to you of course to realise different the test from practices of the Examination Cambridge English: Advanced (IT FALLS).

If you need an actual course you can also look in our page of FALLS in our center.


Calls of the course

There is no a course call. In the first visit, we spoke with you to know when you want to appear. We choose the date of the examination more adapted for you and opened to the course two months before so that you have the most recent conicimientos possible. We were in charge of the managements with the examining center so that you do not have yourself to worry don't mention it.

Other data of interest

  • Obligatory hours of speaking including in the price: 3 hours   distributed in two sessions (1.5 and 1.5 hours) just before the official examination.
  • Rates of Examination FALL: 208 ‚¬ approx. The rates, will be phelp in the middle of the course. To reconfirm prices right before the inscription.
  • Prices books: between 35-40‚¬
  • Price of the course: 250‚¬ €“ 50% of Dto = 125 ‚¬. Total price for both months.

Why to realise the course of Preparation Cambridge Examination Online with us?

  1. In That's Cool we counted on an expert educational equipment in the preparation of examinations of the University of Cambridge.
  2. Because we offer pedagogical Support throughout to you the process. A personal tutor available during the week that will help you with the doubts that you have.
  3. For being one of our student, you will have conversation classes free in center (only during both months that lasts the course) To consult schedules and days available.

Our courses online are in a platform of learning very easy to use. We always accompanied throughout the process to you so that if you have some doubt, you we can solve.

Each student receives a name of user and a password that allows the access him to the course that it has asked for. He will receive in addition a mail to welcome on the part of the tutorial professor/of course and from that moment he will be able to enter the educative platform, to realise the course, to unload the extra material and to see his progress day day. The tutors will be available two days to the week so that he can contact with them by telephone or in person and comment his doubts. In addition the tutors will be available for doubts at any moment and they will answer to him in 24h via mail if he needs immediate help (48 h if it is weekend). 

You can request us more information to telf of the center that you will find in this page, by the contact form or in the section he contacts with us.