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If you want that your son practices what he has learned during the school year, our country place of summer in English is the best thing. We explained to you why.

How it is our country place of summer in English?

Explosive activities
Hours of diversion
Satisfied participants

Our English country place in 2019 lasts 5 weeks from the 25 of June to the 27 of July of the 2019. This course we began before to be able to be useful to the maximum.

  1. Schedule of 9:00 to 13:30 (more schedules at the end of the page: permanence and dining room)
  2. You will be able to see our prices at the end of this page.
  3. It chooses between 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks for greater flexibility. Thus you will be able to decide when to begin and to finish and that does not agree with familiar vacation.
  4. For children between 7 and 14 years. Several groups by ages and levels.

country place of summer in EnglishIn TCE in summer, we like to explore Barcelona. To find sites €œcool€ to live unforgettable experiences.

What has of special The Urban Squad, esplai of summer:

- The language used by the professor is the English.

- By it, all that knows That's Cool and its equipment knows the one that the received treatment is personal, very taken care of and true.

And that when realizamenos a project, we do leaving it part of us in him.

- In addition, We mixed the adventure and the knowledge of the city with very many water. We are urban, but we are very €œcool€ and like to submerge we to us in swimming pools and to play in the sea. Not only we realised a weekly exit, in our campuses of summer we realised adventure excursions every day.

Activities that we realised in the country place of English.

We are not a current country place. We characterized ourselves to leave every day. We are not with the locked up small boys and in our facilities. We passed it outdoors brilliant making daily activities. The summer is to enjoy it and our motto this €œsummer€ is €œlives the summer to sorbitos€, but our sorbitos are great activities. We left an example you of the schedule of the past year so that you have an idea; but we warned€¦ every year we changed to you of adventures. Some they enchant to us and always they are going to be, for example: laser tag, saves room, beach, discovered swimming pool and another Iran varying to improve. They are always adapted for all and we make groups agreed to the age and level of English. Other activities of this year, although are a secret, Ssssssh! you do not say to anything that I have informed myself, please: bubble football, photo challenge, different and original adventure in the city, Harry Potter ' s week and breakfasts. And already! they do not let say more to me.

Here you have the schedule of the previous year:

schedule country place of summer in English


To whom it goes directed our country place of summer in English?

Ours esplai of summer in English in Barcelona, goes directed to children between 7 and 14 years that are adventurous, original and inconformistas.

For you the parents we have an alternative plan.

You want to know how are your children during the morning?

You do not worry! , There is nothing escapes to us.

We will maintain to you informed (with fototeca and video library) than is happening at every moment. But we warned to you, we are going to give much envy to you.

Prices of the summer country place

in English.

You do not worry about the price. To the power to choose between 1, 2, 3.4 or 5 weeks, we put it to you easy. In addition you can little by little pay every month (from January) and thus your children will be able to enjoy playful activities to the maximum. They will practice English and they divertiran themselves at the same time.

Prices from 110‚¬/semana.

Possibility of permanence from the 8:00 or 8:30 between 1 and 2 Euros per person and day.

Also it is possible to eat in center (they bring his own food) and to leave to the 15:00. Two Euros per person by monitor from dining room to the day.



For more information write us in our form or call us to tfl 934227700.


Another one of our videos of the previous year so that you can see more activities: