Point you at the classes of conversation in English Speakeo by That's Cool

classes of conversation in EnglishTotal That's Speaking; the classes of conversation in English at which you will be able to score throughout this summer. If you need to improve your English oral one, your articulation and your fluidity we recommended to you to pay then attention to the characteristics of this course of conversation that we will distribute in our academy of English. In these sessions of conversation in English you will always learn the different grammar aspects from the language (of oral form; nothing of notes in writing), to debate and to give your opinion, or to take care of diverse aspects of life daily in English by means of mechanical RolePlay; among others aspects of the methodology that we developed in our school of languages. All this with the aim of improving your English conversational one. The one that more useful will be you in your day to day and that really evaluates the companies in the labor processes of selection.

Basic characteristicses of the Speaking Total: classes of conversation in English Barcelona

Next you will be able to see of summarized form the main characteristics of Total That's Speaking, the classes of conversation in English with which you will be able to improve your English oral one during this summer. For more information you do not doubt in putting to you with us in touch. Also you can throw a look to the rest of sections doing click in the sign :


A course with classes of €œSpeaking€ in English that will be developed of intensive form from the 1 of July with the aim of helping you to improve the oral part of the English during the months of summer.

from the 1 of July; you can eleir between one, two, three or four weeks. The duration of the program in himself adapts to your needs and/or flexibility.

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday of 19:00 to 20:30 hours. Low level (directed to levels Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate). High Level (destined at Upper-intermediate levels, FCE and IT FALLS).

  • One week €“ 30 ‚¬.
  • Dyou weeks €“ 60 ‚¬.
  • Three weeks €“ 90 ‚¬.
  • Four weeks €“ 120 ‚¬.

In the left margin you have a form to put to you with us in touch. Do to us to arrive all the doubts and questions that you have and we respond to you more soon and in detail possible. Without commitment of any type, by all means.


To whom it goes directed this course of English of conversation?

If you have more than 18 years and you need to improve your English oral one, but you do not want to attend more courses of English generals you do not doubt it; these classes of Speaking in English are thought for you.
With such aim in mind we have divided the classes of English conversational in two categories:

Low level

If you have a level in English A1, A2 or B1 (Elementary, Pre-Intermmediate and Intermediate) these are the program at which there are to score. In him the groups of conversation in English will turn around thematic and concepts chords at your level.

High level

Classes of conversation in English destined at the levels B1+, B2 and C1 (Upper-intermediate, FCE and FALL). If accounts with an English or half upper middle level of this option are indicated for you. We will treat more complicated, but even so common subjects and conversations, to help to dominate all the oral aspects you of this language.

Objectives of the classes of Speaking in English

You belong at a level or another one, all the classes of conversation in English delTotal Speaking persecute the same objectives:



How made these are classes of speaking of English?

We have organized these classes of conversation in English in three blocks of 30 minutes:


On a determined grammar point


On one it notifies or present time subject


With games in English


Advantages of the groups of conversation in English

course of speakingThe classes of conversation in English in our academy of Barcelona provide many more advantages than the simple fact to improve your articulation. If you throw a look to the objectives of the present course you will see that also we want to harness your English of the day to day (and not only most formal), to obtain that you acquire a greater fluidity in your speech (the rate characteristic of the English, and the speed of thought is fundamental to reach this objective) and to accustom your ear to the variety of sounds and accents of the English language.

Nevertheless, the benefits derived from the €œSpeaking€ are others. One of them, who usually go through stop but to which we we give much importance, is to acquire security in same you. To dominate a language requires to speak it. And to speak this one fluently it is necessary to make it with ease and security in the speech. Nothing of it is possible but it practices. Indeed the classes of conversation in English concentrate in acquiring these skills.

You do not think that, because notes are not taken in writing, an English course of conversational is less useful than another one. Quite the opposite if, mainly, which you need to improve is your English oral one.

Where I can register to the Total course Speaking?

Ponte in touch with us through form who you can find in the left margin of this same page. Enchanted we will solve all the doubts and questions that you can have. And by all means, if you want to come to our English academy from seeing our classrooms and doing a visit to us, it will be a pleasure receiving and to teach to you the facilities to you of the center. It remembers, we were in Muns Street, 23 of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Also you can call us to telf: 934227700 in schedule of information of the center.

Already you know, this summer improves your English oral with the course of Speaking Total by LearnWithZac!