Here you have a list of connections with resources to learn English equipment. Little by little we will be putting more information.



  • WordReference: Useful to vice versa translate words of the English to the Castilian and. Also in other languages. You can hear how a word is pronounced, in British or American English, giving him to the button of the play so many times as you want.
  • Cambridge: Monolingual dictionary. Useful for higher levels where we needed definitions and nontranslations. One of most extensive and more popular (some 2 mill. of searches to the month).
  • Oxford: English-English dictionary that offer multiple definitions to us and articulation of the word that we looked for.


  • Australia Network Learning English: Page of Australia Network with muc­simos videos.   Everything presented in several programs with different levels and each program in episodes.  There are IELTS videos examination similar to FCE.


  • Videos FCE Speaking: Videos realised by adolescents in the part of speaking of the FCE. You remember that they serve to see how is the oral part of speaking. We cannot pay attention to the correction than they are saying, since they commit failures doing the examination as anyone of us.
  • Cambridge ESOL: Official page of ESOL examinations where you will find the explanation of each one of the official examinations. PET exam, FCE exam, FALLS exam, CPE exam.  If you enter the part of €œExam preparation€ you can find also gratuitous resources of payment but to unload (examinations type, etc).


  • Newspapers: It is a good way to take a little reading. Some are really useful to learn English. Among them The GuardianThe IndependentThe TimesThe New York Times. Also you can throw a look to the page British Newspapers and UK Magazines where you will find an exhaustive listing of Newspapers, English newspapers and magazines.
  • Reading comprehension: Small texts with distributed exercises of reading understanding in different levels. You enter and you investigate a little the different sections.
  • Very interesting page with multidud of exercises and resources. In this case we put the section to you of readings that is oorganizada by levels.