Equipment LearnWithZac

Our equipment is composed by experience professors and with degree that enables for being able to give classes to them of English.

Our equipment:


London that moved to Barcelona at the beginning of the 2012 to expand its knowledge in the educational area. At the moment he is our coordinator of official examinations of the university of Cambridge.

English and Welsh degree as professor and with ample experience in the educational field in subjects of Humanities to young people between 11 and 18 years in London. Obtained GAELIC degree that enables to him as professor of English as foreign language.

Although its passage by the United States reported a very satisfactory experience to him, prefers the culture and the atmosphere of European cities. It considers that Barcelona is, possibly, the most complete city in the one than it has lived.



This original English young person of Stoke-on-Trent graduated in the University of Keele in English policy and in the 2010. Later he obtained the degree of CELT in International House of Barcelona obtaining to be within 10% with more score.
One moved to Barcelona in March of the 2015 to become English professor of and thus combining his passion by the education of the language with his love by the city.
With his amiable and likeable character he has managed to captivate his students. Their classes of €œspeaking€ are some of the most demanded.



Of English family, Espa±ola and Switzerland have learned and spoken English from small.

The active classes enchant to him and to make speak and participate to all students with games. Mireia is graduated by the University of Barcelona in specialized education and in English.

Also the Proficiency removed and has taught English in Dutch and Spanish schools.



 It is formation philologist €“ the languages enchant to him (English, Spanish, Catalan, Polish and Russian speech).

It has always worked in the linguistic sector: of professor and translator. It realised GAELIC the Cambridge course in International House of Barcelona to extend his educational experience and obtained the certificate of education of English with excellent final note.

It has worked of linguist for the European Union and professor for a NGO in India. There it taught English to young people and adults of worked against families, helping them to get up itself to the labor market.



Director of the Dpto. of Education and person in charge Service Company.

Licenciado by the faculty of Barcelona. It has exerted as professor during 27 years having arranged his studies with the dedication to his students.

It has lived in England and it has worked as professor in campings of languages in England. It worked in several academies of the province of Barcelona as well as in L'Aquarium of Barcelona where it arranged the tours to groups of Spaniards and extanjeros with the factories to schools of all the country.

It coordinates all the teaching staff and it maintains the high quality of the courses in That's Cool. 

It investigates new courses and it raises innovating strategies for a center with high tech as it is LearnWithZac.



Director of the Dpto. Relations Pºblicas and Community Management.

Its dream was to create a company where all workers were a real equipment. Where nobody outside more than nobody. It has obtained it.

It knows all students with full name. It enchants to him to listen to personal histories of each of them. Its work gets passionate to him and I believe that is a point to its favor.

One is in charge of the global communication at all the levels, publicity, events, contests, relations between all the components of TCE (students, professors, parents/mothers, Direction) and as Community manager coordinates the different social networks where TCE is present (facebook and instagram).



Creative of LearnWithZac. He studied Design in the University of Barcelona and realised a Postgraduate in Investigation of Tendencies (Trends Research). He has worked in DIR as designer and collaborator.

She is a dynamic, extroverted and dreamy person. He has created the new folder of That's Cool and is the person in charge of the attractive design of pamphlets, publicity, posters and everything what has to do with the design of the corporative image.

He collaborates actively in the social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and along with Silvia, organize events and activities for all our students.

 Mª CARMEN:M Carmen

A professional highly enabled to control of an excellent way secretariat.

Decided, protective, organized, it will be to you atendiedo always with a smile.

Its illusion infects and its joy is an antidote for the less good days.

With her to the control, secretariat is unstoppable.