Our school of English has many followers in the social networks and they know us. For that reason, we have decided to write some opinions of our students and thus you will be able to verify how we are.

We know the impotante that is for you to choose well and is why you need opinions people as your. They have studied with us, are preparation official examinations, have made courses online, have attended our classes of €œspeaking€ free. Really, they are students who can help to understand you how we worked.

Does Qu¨ say of the school of English That's Cool?

Cristian Romero:

€œThat's Cool is a school of English that interact with its students and followers on Facebook and Instagram. You learn much English, since the quality is very good and in addition I like that teachers is native. Recently they created Social Club de That's Cool.  I like much because we can go before and be to study, to play or to chat with my friendly€.

M³nica Juli :

€œThere is nothing as to enjoy than beams€¦. Thus they work in That's Cool€¦ and that is transmitted! For my the best school of English of Barcelona!€œ

Pablo Pablos: 

€œIt's my second to year in that's cool and I have learned to lot. The teachers plows Nice and make funny €œspeaking classes€. I recommend it to you €œ


€œAlready for 4 years I have been going to that's cool and enchants to me, I have the sensation of which every day that I leave there I have learned something new. The professors are hilarious, enchants to me! €œ

Laia Morales:

€œI am studying in That'S Cool Education for almost already about four years, and it seems to me a good academy of English. I am learning every day more. The professors are very graceful. This academy has very good level. It enchants to me! €œ

Eva Mar­a S¡nchez:

€œAfter 2 years attending class in That's Cool, I have found a job in a multinational, thanks to the acquired level of English €œ.