Courses of English

That's Cool is an English academy of, equipped with a program of high quality and sharpshooting technology for education with the English: Digital slates in all the classrooms, Xtable (interactive digital table) with own content, Social Club with video library and library€¦.

We take care of our facilities. Our center has been characterized to have some always present facilities, obtaining that the students feel surrounded by a unique atmosphere and a modern center.

It discovers the classes of English actual of That's Cool!

Actual courses for children, adolescents and adults. Our courses emphasize by an educative program of excellence, with qualified native professors and an ideal atmosphere to learn English.

We have an ample range of courses of English, discovers them entering each of them:

In these courses you will be able to learn to always dominate the language of a pleasant form and counting on the present books. All this complemented with our classes of conversation.

In That's Cool we have classes of English general for all the ages. Home from the 4 years to adults.

In addition, in That's Cool you will be able to acquire the asked for levels more of Marco de Referencia Europeo or €œCommon European Framework€ (CEF). Such as: Preliminary English test (PET or B1), First Certifies you (FCE or B2) and Advanced (C1 FALLS or). In these courses you will learn the vocabulary, the grammar and the abilities necessary to obtain these levels.

Once preparation and with the suitable level, we needed to let practice to know how it is an official examination. For that reason, in That's Cool, we make courses where you will learn the skills necessary to pass the official examination. You will make much practice with the test of examination. These will be very similar to which you are going away to find the day of the test. In addition, we were in charge to manage the inscription to the tests so that you do not have to worry to you don't mention it.

If you are student of the center you will have between 3 and 4 hours of Speaking, to the week, free so that you can practice what you have learned during the classes. They are optative classes and you will be able to score at which you want during the week.

If you are not student of the center you will be able to also attend these classes paying 5 ‚¬/clase.

Applied technology a 

courses of English

The classrooms have technological support to make easier the learning. The students can use the technology to see the class book, to connect themselves to Internet, to see videos, to listen to songs or to use educative games. All this causes that That's cool is a different academy and that offers to its students all the potential of Internet or the new technologies in the classroom.

That's Cool offers classes of conversation prepared with dedication, using the pedagogical techniques more €œin€ of the moment: RolePlay, Realia€¦ the conversation classes is the perfect place to practice everything what it has been learned in the classroom. They are realised in our Social Club where you will be able to sit down comfortably and to chat of the events of the moment, to comment peli that dresses the weekend, to describe photographies, to interact with other companions, etc€¦ Really a space and some classes created especially so that you take off the shame and that you speak, you speak and you speak in English.

The school counts on the Department of RR. PARTIDO POPULAR. and with creative personal manager, to unite of original form the diversion and the effectiveness in the study. Therefore, the center offers his gastro-meetings (for adults) gastro-kids (of 6 to 12 years) and gastro-teens (of 12 to 17 years) where the gastronomical art with specific vocabulary is mixed.

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Also we counted on summer classes to learn English