Acceptance of this policy

  1. To sail this website, or to use anyone of the services that are lent in him, supposes its acceptance of the policy described in this page.
  2. If it has some question or commentary about its privacy while www.learnwithzac.com uses, please it contacts with us in [email protected].
  3. This website fulfills the recommendations of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.


Its privacy is important for us. In this page the practices are described that we followed in Silvia Balb­n Herrera (in future LearnWithZac), to respect the privacy of the data picked up by us or sent, or in line or no, including the collected or sent personal data through our website and our official social means pages which we controlled, as well as through messages of e-mail with format HTML that we sent.

It is important that if is smaller of 13 years (EE.UU.), 14 (Spain) or 16 (rest of the EU and the world), ask for to their parents or tutors their consent before giving their personal information to this website. If we have reasons to think that anybody does not fulfill the required age and we have compiled its personal information without the pertinent consent, we will eliminate this information as rapidly as possible and we will be able to disqualify the access from that person to the corresponding website.

Also, the possibility that fits we update this policy from time to time. If we realised some substantial change to the rules by which this site or to the way is in force to treat your personal information, we will communicate it through an outstanding note in the website. The use continued of the site after the notification of changes in the policies will imply that it accepts and allows these changes. We animated to visit and to review this page to him with regularity.

If it has any question on our policy, its personal information or the practices of this website, can be put in touch with us.

Who is the Person in charge of the treatment of its data?

  • Identity: Silvia Balb­n Herrera (in future LearnWithZac) NIF: 46569840S
  • Mailing dress: C Muns, 23 €“ 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.  Barcelona
  • Telephone: (+34) 93 4227700
  • E-mail: [email protected]

What personal information we compiled?

The personal information (or personal data) is information that can identify to you personally, as for example:

  • Name
  • Mailing dress (including the directions of invoicing and shipment)
  • Phone number (including the phone numbers of the home and mobile phone)
  • Email address
  • Number of bank account (for invoicing)
  • YOU GO of account of social networks
  • Direction IP
  • Preferred educative courses
  • Navigator and information of the device
  • Information of the file of registry of the servant
  • Information compiled through cookies, labels of pixels and other technologies
  • Demographic information and another information provided by you
  • Information on the location

How we collected its data?

We and our suppliers of services can compile personal information of several ways:

  • a) Data that provide you to us mismo/a: information as the date of birth, sex and postal code, as well as another information, as its preferred mass media, can be compiled when voluntarily it provides this information.
  • b) Through website: we can compile personal information through site, for example, when one subscribes to a news bulletin or it realises a purchase.
  • c) Through your navigator or device: certain information is collected by the majority of the navigators or automatically through their device. We use this information statistical aims and to guarantee that the website works correctly.
  • d) Through the archives of registry of the servant: its €œDirection IP€ is a number that is assigned to the computer automatically or device that is using by its Internet service provider (ISP). A direction IP is identified and registered automatically in our archives of registry of the servant whenever a usuary one visits the websites, along with the moment of the visit and (s) the page (s) that has visited.
  • e) Use of cookies: the cookies allow that a Web server transfers data to a computer or device for the recordkeeping and other aims. If it does not wish that information by means of the use of cookies is compiled, a simple process in the majority of the navigators exists that allows him to reject the use of cookies. To see our Policy of cookies.
  • f) Physical location: we can compile the physical location of his device.
  • g) Connectionless: we can compile his personal information connectionless, as when it contacts with the service to the client by telephone.
  • h) Of other sources: we can receive his personal information of other sources, as platforms of social networks, as well as of other third parties. For example, if it chooses to connect his account of social networks to his account of website, certain personal information of its account of social networks will share with us.


With what purpose we dealt his personal data?

In That's Cool education, we treated the information that it facilitates to us with the purpose of to serve to him that it asks for to us, to realise the invoicing of the same when he is pertinent, to manage the information shipment and to facilitate information and tie supplies of courses and other services to him that we create they could be of his interest.

Also, we treated his personal data to allow to participate him in forums, chat, pages of profile and blogs and other services in which it can publish information and materials (including our pages of social networks).

In addition to these intentions related directly to the services that we make its available, we used the personal information that we compiled envelope mainly you with investigation aims I commit and statistic analyses to help to understand better the needs and preferences us of our users.

LearnWithZac will process its personal data within the EU mainly with the purpose of to complete its reserve, to provide products and services to him that it has asked for (including the cover of insurance of medical care in the product The Urban Squad), and to be able to realise our service to the client and activities of marketing.

How we protect your data?

LearnWithZac has capacity to provide technological and operative security to protect the information of personal character against loss, evil use, alteration or destruction, although we are not responsible for the policies and practices of compilation, use and spreading (including the practices of security of data) of other organizations, as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or any other application developer, supplier of applications, supplier of platform of social networks, supplier of operating system or manufacturing of devices, including any personal information that it discloses to other organizations through or in connection with the applications or our pages of social networks.

The personal information that it facilitates to us will be stored in a confidential file whose only person in charge is LearnWithZac in Muns street, 23, 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. We use the demographic information with investigation aims I only commit and statistic analyses to help to understand better the needs and preferences us of our users.

How long we will conserve your data?

The provided personal data will be conserved while it does not ask for his suppression.

Which is the legitimation for the treatment of your data?

The legal base to be able to treat its data is to be able to manage the different services that we offer.

As we think that he is necessary or appropriate, we will treat his personal data stops:

  • to fulfill the legal process
  • to make fulfill our terms and conditions
  • to protect its rights, security and privacy
  • to protect our operations or those of anyone of our affiliates
  • to protect our rights, privacy, security and property, and the one of our affiliates
  • to allow search remedies us available or to limit the damages that we can suffer

This supply of services is based on the consent that is asked for to him, without in no case the retirement of this consent conditions the execution of the same.

To what adressees your data will communicate?

The data will not be yielded to third parties safe in the cases in which a legal obligation exists.

Which are their rights when you facilitate its data to us?

  • It must right to obtain confirmation on if in LearnWithZac we are treating personal data that concern to him.
  • It must right to accede to his personal data, as well as to ask for the rectification of the inexact data or, where appropriate, to ask for his suppression when, among others reasons, the data no longer are necessary for the aims for which they were gathered. We will only conserve them for the exercise or the defense of claims.
  • In certain circumstances and by reasons related to his particular situation, it will be able to be against to the treatment of his data. LearnWithZac will stop treating the data, safe by urgent legitimate reasons, or the exercise or the defense of possible claims.
  • In order to exert its rights of access, rectification, limitation, portability and opposition to the treatment of its personal data, copy of its national identity document or equivalent document only must send an e-mail with its request to [email protected] enclosing.  Or if it prefers it can write to the office of LearnWithZac. Mailing dress: Muns street, 23 €“ 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona (Spain).
  • Also, and especially is consider that it has not obtained total satisfaction in the exercise of his rights, will be able to this end make a complaint before the national authority of control going to the Spanish Agency of Protection of data, c Jorge Juan, 6 €“ 28001 Madrid.

Camera of videovigilancia

That's Cool education has cameras of videovigilancia at the entrance and in the corridors to guarantee the security of the workers, the students and the equipment of the company.

On the treatment of the personal character data by means of camera with videovigilancia aims, we informed to him into which:

  • Their personal data will be treated for the purposes of safety control through a videovigilancia system.
  • The adressee of his personal data is: LearnWithZac
  • You can exert his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition before the Person in charge of the file.
  • The person in charge of the file is LearnWithZac and its C/Muns direction, 23, 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.