In order to accustom your ear to the English language beam use of these advice

How to accustom your ear to the English language

Memory to a friend who, during primary, secondary and the even loquacious one, removed authentic notazas in the subject from English. It dominated the grammar perfectly, it knew a great number of vocabulary and read books in English habitually (the saga of Game of Thrones, nothing less). Its articulation was a little more tufa, but it knew to grasp itself without problems. Finally there was a year that was decided to spend a summer in London.

During the first week it did not understand anything.

The conversations that maintained with the family with whom it lodged, in the super ones, on the street€¦ resisted to him to more not being able. Yes, they managed to remove the main idea from all (from not to have been thus, that first week would have been to him unbearable); but she cost to him to pillage the context and, more in one go, she had to ask that they repeated to him what they were saying to him.

To the second week everything marched perfectly. It understood almost any conversation and one cheered up to speak with anyone in English. Spent the month it had improved much his articulation and level (yes, still more).

It was due to that, finally, its ear was had customary to the own sounds of the English language.

Why it is important to accustom your ear to the English language?

The grammar, the vocabulary, the articulation€¦ All of them are very important aspects that there are to learn to dominate the language of Shakespeare effectively. But to accustom your ear to the English language is not less excellent.

Your ear (and the one of all) are customary to the sounds of your mother tongue. More or less complex, yes; but that after all you are tired to hear in your day to day. For this reason, you are able to understand different accents (by very closed that is) without many problems.

The same happens with the English or any other language: once your ear is accustomed to the sounds and accents characteristic of this language, your capacity of understanding and understanding improve excessively.

Be the reason here to you for which there are to listen to dialogues monologues films series music etc. in English; then of this form your ear and you yourself you will be better preparations when there are to confront real conversations in English.

And eye: this aspect of the English language (like the others) are forgotten with time. If you have been several years without listening to nothing in this Anglo-Saxon language, it is normal that when speaks to you in English you walk more lost than Harry Potter in Monte of Destino. It agrees, therefore, that you rather often put in practice accustoming your ear to the English language.

How? Good, for that we are and this string of advice 😉

5 advice to accustom your ear to the English language

Beam that the English comprises of your day to day

In this way we did not talk about to that you provide with accomodations to English students of interchange in your house (although would not be a bad idea either€¦), but to that you expose yourself on a daily basis to the English language. That you go by the street listening music in your mobile? Since he is in English. That enchants to see videos to you in Youtube? Then please do to us to also listen €œyoutubers€ English. That enchants the radio to you because for you €œVideo not kill the radio star€? You already know; to listen to podcasts in English.

Integra the English as much in your daily routine as in your tastes and preferences.

Series and films? Also in English

Section intrinsically related to the previous point. But it is that series and films comprise very important in our day to day and was necessary to dedicate a paragraph aside to them.

In addition, to see films and series in English not only will help you to accustom your ear to the English language, but also to improve your articulation, to acquire new vocabulary and, based on pelis or series that you see, to distinguish some accents of others.

That yes, always with subtitles in English (or, to power to be, without subtitles of by means).

Our advice is that you see those series or films that you like more (we are firm defenders of which the learning with diversion of by means is a winning combination); but you know by which to begin taking notices of these series to learn English in Netflix and of these films in English.

PS: if it can as much be without earpieces better. That the quality of the sound will be worse? Yes, and that is why we recommended it to you. In real life you will have to fight with the atmosphere and the noises that surround your conversations 🙂

Test with different speeds

Not only your ear is accustomed to the sounds characteristic of a language and to their respective accents, but also to the rate (or speed) of the language at issue.

For example; you knew that the Castilian is the fastest language of the world (since the speaker half is able to pronounce a greater amount of syllables per second)?

It is, the more difficult more are these sounds or accents, our ear assimilates with greater facility €œsimple€ others the more. The same happens with the speed or rate of the language.

For this reason we recommended to you to listen to music or videos in English an elevated rate more of the habitual thing (Youtube, for example, it has an option to see its videos greater speed) or in which the people speak faster of the normal thing.

Thus, when you listen somebody to speak in English to a smaller speed, you will understand to him perfectly without great problems.

In the repetition it is the key

Although it costs to admit it to us, our brain assimilates better the knowledge when these are learned once, and another one, and another one€¦ It means this that there are to see the same English film in 7 followed times? No. Means that, with time, you would have to return to see that film in English; or to listen that British group again that as much you liked, or to again put that podcast in English that was so interesting 😉 to you

Be used to speaking to you in English

Social networks of languages, bars of interchange of languages€¦ To your reach you have different tools by means of which to have a discussion with speaking native. These conversations €œof test€ will help you to accustom your ear to the English language, at the same time as improvements your articulation and you ahead have a person who corrects your errors.

For this reason we created in That €˜s Cool Education the classes of speaking. A course to acquire experience in the part of conversation in English, to practice and to improve your abilities; as well as with very ample schedules so that you can attend without problems.

If you are interested, more than enchanted we will be to answer your questions 🙂

And if you also have some doubt with respect to the subject that today tries to us. It leaves to your doubts (or your opinion; that all experience is always enriching) in the plank of commentaries that you will find just here down. More soon than behind schedule we will give to answer to your questions 😉