A series of books to learn English B1-B2 that we recommended to you very much

The best books to learn English B1-B2

You have begun already in the combat of the language of Shakespeare and look for books to learn English B1-B2? Perfect. Nevertheless, we will not keep awake anything new if you tenth that is muuuuuchos the text books in English of intermediate level which you can find that way. So many that become difficult to choose between some or others. You do not worry, for that we are we here 😉

On what we have been based at the time of compiling these books in English and not in others? In our own experience. They are those that on a daily basis we used in our academy of English. Those that more equipment us have been after years of education.

We then see next several of these books in English of B1 level and B2 level, because we used them and because they can helpful be to you 🙂

PS: anyway, before beginning with the flesh of the present article, we want to make an aspect clear. All these books are more useful with somebody than it guides the learning process. With a professor who structures and explains the contents, as well as a class to debate and to speak in English with other companions, this type of resources is much more effective.

In what cases these books to learn English B1-B2 are the adapted ones for you

  • Reading understanding. You are able to include more or less extensive texts with vocabulary and €œPhrasal Verbs€ of daily and daily use; they are letters, emails, writings, etc.
  • Auditory understanding. More of the same: you are able to distinguish the main idea in a conversation in which daily subjects treat and use becomes of a habitual vocabulary.
  • To write. You do not have problems at the time of writing thematic well connected simple texts and on more or less generic, as well as giving your opinion and to count your experiences about the same.
  • To speak. You can develop without too many problems in countries of English speech; as well as to participate in conversations that treat daily subjects or in your interest.

In short, the following books in English of intermediate level are the adapted ones for you if you can be defended in the English language, although still I commit openwork errors.

The 7 better books to learn English B1-B2

Cambridge English Prepare!

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: If we already recommended it with best books to learn English A1-A2, we could not stop commenting it here also. And it is that this text book of €œCambridge English Language Assessment€ counts on a total of 7 books that guide the student from the A1 level to the B2. It is a thought book, mainly, for schools and academies, since it counts on a great number of exercises and proposals of debate.

English File

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: Another book in English (although in this case of the Oxford publishing house) that includes from the most basic levels to the B1 and B2. Those are these two last levels that in this article interest to us; and to guide you in his learning counts on great number of explanations clear and concise, units divided around thematic (with proposals of vocabulary that turns around them) and structured as well in 3 basic pillars: grammar, vocabulary and Articulation.

In our academy of English we used the €œEnglish File Third Edition€; and he is to us very, very useful.

English Grammar in Uses

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: One of sold books more on English grammar, and not without reason. Explanations simple, always accompanied by thousand and examples, and divided in 100 units (you can easily learn 1 or 2 units per day; without it takes to you too much time) they are the reasons that explain their success. Except for which in the final part you have all the answers to the autocorreg­rtelos exercises so that thus you can 😉

English Vocabulary in Uses

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: Often we have stressed the importance of being learning, little by little (that to learn is not a race race against the clock), new English vocabulary in confronting all type of situations.
Then, €œEnglish Vocabulary in Uses€ is a great book in English in this sense. Vocabulary of all type, expressions of the most useful and activities to put them in practice (and thus to remember better the memorised lexicon) is the reasons that make of this book one of the best ones to learn vocabulary in English.

It completes

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: This series of books of the Cambridge Publishing house includes the totality of the examinations of €œCambridge English Language Assessment€. And we already shelp it in the article on Examination FCE: the titles of Cambridge are counted between most prestigious and recognized of the world.

Facing the intermediate level, we make use of €œCompletes PET€ and €œHe completes FCE€. These books in English count on information about the examination, advice and practices (as well as development of the language) of each of their parts.

Its use is to us very useful in our courses of preparation of examination PET and courses of preparation of examination FCE. Other titles that are to us helpful in this sense are €œCompact FCE€ and €œfor Ready FCE€.


Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: A book very, very useful not only for academies; also to study by your account. In what aspects? For the grammar and vocabulary. Account with clear and very concientious explanations; as well as numerous exercises to anchor new concepts. Yes, it is thought intrinsically pass PET, corresponding to the B1 level in English; but also it turns out from much help to learn the tie grammar to the same.

Cambridge English Readers

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: We With a single book (rather, books) of readings in English intermediate level are difficult to have left, because in LearnWithZac also we make use of €œOxford Graded Readers€ and €œPenguin Readers€. In fact all of them are good options to acquire new vocabulary in English, to improve our reading understanding and, of by means, to enjoy good English Literature 🙂

We hope very sincerely that this book selection to learn English B1-B2 is to you helpful with your intermediate level. If you have doubts with respect to some of them (or you want to raise to us some suggestion) you do not doubt in making use of the plank of commentaries. That in our academy always we are arranged to listen to new proposals and to help in all regarding the learning of the English language 🙂