alternatives to the examinations of Cambridge

Alternatives to the examinations of Cambridge

If you are of that you do not like the examinations of the PET, FCE or FALLS and you are looking for another option these examinations, we are going to tell the different possibilities to you.
Some of them are also of Cambridge but with a different approach.


Alternatives of Cambridge Assessment

Although it continues being the University of Cambridge it has alternatives to the typical ones of the KET, PET, FCE, FALLS and CPE. ESOL Examinations organizes them. Some already we know them but others can less be known. For that reason we create advisable that is in this post.


For Children the Young Learners of English (yle)

YLE are called (Young Learners of English) and has three levels Starters, Movers and flyers that becomes after 2º, 4º and 6º of primary. By all means that are children who can do them sooner or later. Everything depends on the level that they have then.

A certificate without note but with shields is obtained. To more shields, better qualification.

It is in this post because the level of Flyers is equivalent to the KET.

alternative to Cambridge exams

English General and Academic IELTS and APTIS

IELTS (international English Language Testing System). Test of level that measures the skills of the student with the English in the general and academic scope. For that reason many universities request it. It has lapsing (normally of two years). It is an examination very known internationally and in some cases the most known in some countries as Australia. 

APTIS test of level novel and accepted by almost all the Spanish universities. It is a cheaper option to obtain the B1, B2 or C1. It evaluates the four main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) but incorporates a test of knowledge of vocabulary and grammar that say that it acts as leveller. The examination becomes by computer and has been developed by experts of the council British. They have been based on linguistic applied the present one and the recent findings in this discipline. Only the British Council offers it at the moment. 


English for businesses TIME and BULATS

TIME Business English Certificates. It is a set of three Certificates of English for the businesses This examination demonstrates that the candidate can safely use the English in surroundings of international businesses. It exists the TIME Preliminary equivalent to the B1 level, TIME Vantage equivalent to the B2 and TIME Higher equivalent to the C1. 

BULATS. Flexible test only online. It evaluates skills of English of businesses, trains and commerce. It evaluates your level of English from A1 to C2. From the 2017 it is stopped doing in paper and it totally happens to be online, in addition the certification in other languages as Spanish, French or German is eliminated. According to its webpage: €œBULATS is a multilingual set of tools of valuation, formation and benchmark of linguistic competitions in the work place.€ 

If you have seen certificates ICFE or ILEC, better to forget them. No longer they are offered from the revision that made Cambridge in 2016. They have been replaced by some of the previous ones as TIME and BULATs

alternative to tests of Cambridge


Alternative of Educational Testing System TOEFL

Another organization that organizes official examinations and is not the University of Cambridge.

The known examination more is the TOEFL (Test of English ace to Foreign Language).
He is the one that realises the American Institute and is the one that requests more American universities to realise studies in the USA. Also they request it in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
It evaluates the level of English academic general and.
She gives a degree us with correspondence of Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia, although little people know that this one examination yes has lapsing. Expired to both years of its accomplishment. He is for that reason that the candidates only choose it if they need it to attend Post Degrees or Masters in the USA and do not need to have the degree for always.
Other people prefer the examinations of Cambridge since they can have a degree equivalent to the TOEFL but for all the life.
For more information you can go to her official page.


Alternative of Oxford: Oxford Test of English

Of English prepares Oxford Test. This examination has become popular much during the last year. Mainly by its characteristics that we summarized next:
It examines the 4 skills in two hours (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)
It has four modules that can become in any order and combination.
If it is suspended a module can repeat only that module. The report that is always obtained will show the last realised module.
This last part is most interesting. They are possible to be repeated only one of the parts if you suspend it and you do not need to realise all the examination again. A clear advantage against those of Cambridge.

More information in the official page can be obtained.

alternative Cambridge examinations

Alternative Examinations of the Trinity College of London GESE and ISE

Mainly there are two: GESE and ISE.

GESE or Graded Examinations in Spoken English, is a mainly oral English test of and listening with an examiner. Much is used to secure visas since it evaluates the oral skill of the candidate. Several degrees exist from which they call degree 1 to degree 12.

ISE or Integrated Skills in English. They are most similar to those of the university of Cambridge. They are adult examinations that evaluate the 4 skills and are focused young people and that is mainly in schools, institutes and universities. Their levels correspond with the 5 levels of Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia. In this examination the oral part usually tells hast a 50% of the total note.

More information in its official page can be obtained.

So that you see equivalences in notes, there are preparation to you a picture:

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