You need classes conversation in English? To speak at work in English, to acquire experience in the part of conversation in English, to practice and to improve your abilities; it was never so easy.
LearnWithZac gives classes of English, considering your English level of and your needs.

Easy payments ‚¬‚¬

You come, 5 payments ‚¬ and you enter a class of speaking with NATIVE PROFESSOR. We are expert in English Classes for all the levels. There are no excuses with these prices. Easy, no. It looks for your level of English: LOW or HIGH. Language teaching has a name: LearnWithZac.
For any consultation, you can call to us or send a message. We will put ourselves in touch with you.

your you decide when

You can come when you love to our English Speaking Club, within the schedules from speaking that we have created for you. There are groups of levels high and low levels. If you do not know which is the adapted one, you can realise our test of level. If you are in stage of preparation of the official examinations of FCE, CPE FALLS and; these sessions of conversation in English will be to you of much utility.

free for our students

For the students of our courses of English, they are classes free. With actual activities different from our conventional classes. Our sessions of conversation in English also serve to share a experience of quality with native professors. Beam click in this section to know more on our courses.

the perfect plan of conversation chooses

We have two plans for you 5‚¬/clase FREE or. Your you choose!

5 ‚¬ by English class

  • you come a day in chosen schedule
  • 5 payments ‚¬
  • you speak English
  • you know people

0 ‚¬ by English class

  • payments only a conventional course
  • access to special events
  • until 3h/semana speaking free
  • you speak English

frequent questions

You can come up to 4 hours to the week if beams an semiactual course or if you come only to speaking. If beams a conventional actual course you will be able to attend up to 3 hours the week.

No. In our Speaking Club the sessions of English, are designed to practice the oral part. If it is necessary to explain some grammar point will become of brief form. Always of very generic form. What has been shelp: one is to speak with a native person.

By all means, you do not worry if your test of level has not left as high as you hoped. Within speakings there are days of levels low and days of high levels. You will be able to also see it in our Student-Reserve section of speaking.  You will only have to aim to you and to come the day that you want. Many of our students begin in low values and soon they go to high values when they have major fluidity. Final S.A. you have doubts, it calls or it writes a message and we will put ourselves in touch with you.

Of 1 to 8 people. The classes are reduced to remove to the maximum party and power to learn the language effectively.

If. All our professors are native and of direrentes places (all to over the world). Thus you will be able to have different tones from voice and articulation.

The classes of Conversation in English of That's Cool are for all. Students, ex--students and external people to the center. He contacts with us

Academy of English That's Cool education

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Our students say

€œIn the speakings you dog putt in practice the theory you learn during the classes and also meet to other students. Moreover, they're free! Every month they prepares special events such ace gastro meetings, games and to other amazing activities. For What else would you ask?
Silvia Vazquez
Professor of primary
€œThe classes of speaking are entertained and dynamic. Profes creates a relaxed climate and of confidence that helps to take off the fears and to speak English.€
Infantile and primary professor
€œShe perfectly complements distributed teaching. An added value offered by the academy that is worth the pain to be useful. It has made improve significantly my oral communication in these 3 last years€
€lex Torralba
Analyst Risk Management
€œTo practice speaking the fear has cleared me to speak in English. The events of That's Cool are a good form to amuse itself learning. The Gastromeetings and Escape Rooms enchant to me especially€
Belen Martinez Cabello
Belen Mart­nez