Some of books to learn English for nascent

The best books to learn English A1-A2

You finish beginning in the language of Shakespeare and you don't know by where beginning? Very kind then to the following books to learn English A1-A2! A compilation thought by and offering some to you of the best text books in English that we can assure to you give to very good results 🙂

Kind to how learning English with music with these resources

How to learn English with music and that is really effective

Many articles we have dedicated to learn English with music. And not without reason. They are many advantages (and throughout the article we will speak, among other things, of them), but without a doubt this one is one emphasizes on the others: the learning becomes more efficient when one is amused. And perhaps to somebody not him€¦

How to learn English with music and which he is really effective To read more €œ

A series of songs easy to learn English to consider

10 songs easy to learn English

It comes, we are sincere: to whom it does not like to sing? Who has not hummed sometimes that one of €œSupercalifragilisticoespialidoso€? Who does not know some song of €œThe Beatles€? Who never has ended up singing in €œSpanglish€ a song of that one Anglo-Saxon author whom as much it likes? We are, then, sincere: to all we like to sing.

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