Some of books to learn English for nascent

The best books to learn English A1-A2

You finish beginning in the language of Shakespeare and you don't know by where beginning? Very kind then to the following books to learn English A1-A2! A compilation thought by and offering some to you of the best text books in English that we can assure to you give to very good results 🙂

On what we have been based at the time of compiling these books in English and not in others? In our own experience. They are those that on a daily basis we used in our academy of English. Those that more equipment us have been after years of education.

Following recopilatorio of books of English grammar tries to be your first step in the Anglo-Saxon language. They are not an aim in itself, but means through what to reach the domain of the English language.

Little by little. Despacito but without pause, with patience and perseverance, and a good guide of by means, you will reach this objective 😉

Anyway, what supposes to have and to what it is equivalent a level A1-A2 of English? In what that takes shape? How to know if I have this level and, therefore, are these books to learn English adapted for me? We are going to see it:


In what cases these books to learn English A1-A2 are the adapted ones for you

  • You want to learn the pillars of the English grammar and you do not know what book can agglutinate them all and, mainly, to leave explained well them.

  • Litters search it and book capture of English for children who are going to begin in this language. In this sense, we will comment a pair to you that we like very much.

  • You understand and you understand some words in the English very basic relatives and, but not sense of complete phrases.

  • You are able to write simple texts (as birthday cards), but nothing much more elaborated.

In summary, we could say that the following books to learn English are adapted if you have a very basic knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon language (or if you look for readings recommended for a student with this level).


The 8 better books to learn English A1-A2

Show and Tell

Why we think that he is one of best books in English for children: If to teach to you more sin of the house we spoke (of 4 to 5 years), then we cannot stop mentioning €œShow and Tell€. A book of the Oxford publishing house that removes yield to the natural curiosity from the children to foment the learning of the English. Their projects to end of unit invite to that the student expresses himself in English and participates along with the rest of his companions.


Kid's Box

Why we think that he is one of best books in English for children: A total of 6 books with his 6 respective levels to guide the students you sin more of the A1 level to the A2. It includes all the content of the examinations €œCambridge English: Young Learners€ (YLE), of such form that the students are preparations to secure good results in €œStarters€, €œMovers very well€ and €œFlyers€.


Cambridge English Prepare!

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: The Cambridge publishing house is a safe value, and good proof of it is €œPrepares! €: a total of 7 books directed to students (the only ones guaranteed by €œCambridge Assessment English€ in this sense) that they guide the student from the A1 level to the B2; with a great number of exercises, audio-visual material and proposals of debate 🙂


English Grammar in Uses

Why we think that he is one of best books of grammar in English: We return to the load with the Cambridge publishing house. In this case with the book that has become the title of grammar reference to learn English. As much it is so many consider it the €œBible of the English€.

We are not going to throw of hyperboles, but we are in agreement with which is an extremely useful book. One is divided in 100 units (perfect to be learning the different slight knowledge from the English grammar little by little), the contents of very simple form are explained (what it motivates the student to follow ahead with his learning) and is thought so that one can study English by its account.


Cambridge English Readers

Why we think that they are some of the best readings in English: Not only the pure theory and lasts is necessary at the time of learning English. Also to make use of good and entertainments readings is very, very recommendable (mainly to arrange the grammar slight knowledge with texts in English more pleasant). More if these stories are thought by and for students. In this sense, €œCambridge English Readers€ is our favorite.


Oxford Graded Readers

Why we think that they are some of the best readings in English: €œOxford Graded Readers€ is the physical resource online and that proposes the Oxford publishing house to provide fiction readings in English to the students. With an objective and means similar to already commented with €œCambridge English Readers€, this series of readings in English count with more than 500 titles to its disposition for all the levels and tastes 😉


Penguin Readers

Why we think that they are some of the best readings in English: In our book list better to learn English A1 €“ A2 (and more concretely our list of readings in English) could not lack the well-known titles of €œPenguin Readers€.

With readings adapted at all levels, these books in English approach so much the classic ones as original fiction the students. , Very very recommendable to acquire new vocabulary, to improve the reading understanding and to be assimilating of natural form the diverse structures and grammar norms.


English File

Why we think that they are some of the best readings in English: Another collection of the Oxford publishing house; although in this case think for you do not sin them of the house, but for an adult public.

It is structured in five levels: €œElementary€, €œPre-intermediate€, €œIntermediate€, €œIntermediate extra€ and €œUpper-intermediate€. Each of them comes with a €œStudent's book€ (theory by piece), €œworkbook with key€ (book of exercises with solutions) and a CD with interactive exercises.

Very, very complete; with much continuity between the different levels. We used in LearnWithZac €œEnglish File Third Edition€, and he enchants to us!


Nevertheless, they ten in account that stops to remove the maximum benefit to the great majority from these books (with the exception, perhaps, of books of readings in English) is required of a guide. As well as to constantly put in practice the diverse exercises and debates that propose.

You can use these titles of self-taught form? Yes, by all means. With effort, dedication, certainty and some that another difficulty of by means you can remove started off to them.

But in our opinion, it is by means of the trusteeship of a professor as greater efficiency you are going to obtain in your learning of the English language.

We hoped to you therefore in our academy of English; where along with these books and the rest of students we will help to dominate to the English language 😉 you