Some data of the English culture that there are to know

10 curiosities on the English culture that surely you did not know

Ow the English culture! How great situations have provided to us! As that moment at which a servant went to appear to a Briton, of a common friendly group, with a pair of effusive kisses in corresponding mofletes and to see how this one looked to me with horror while it offered his hand to me to greet it. Earth swallows to me!

You do not doubt it, dear lector/a to know the English culture is equal of important that to dominate the English to know itself to move by such homes. It will avoid situations to you of extreme shame as before mentioned, will help you to integrate to you in this Anglo-Saxon country and, in addition, to pretend to be everything a €˜British Lord€™. If your accent allows you to turn to you into one 😉

Therefore, with this objective in mind (as well as offering to you a ration of digestive curiosities for always heavy Mondays) we have reunited a total of 10 omnipresent curiosities of the British culture based on own experiences. Surely some of them sound to you, but others€¦ Ow others! It will come you well to know them before you march from trip to not so sunny London 🙂


10 data on the English culture that you would do well in knowing

Always, always, always it gives the hand

Since we have commented more above, the servant who writes to you here committed a terrible failure. He always salutes (we will not get tired to repeat it), as much to men as women, with a good handshake. And mant©n the distances. It reserves to your hugs of loving bear for your friendly more close friends.


€œI'm singin in the rain€

You know that cliche that in the United Kingdom always it rains? Jijiji jajaja JOJOJO. Then good, of cliche it does not have anything. Whereas the peninsula enjoys its good 3,000 annual hours of sun; UK counts just by 1.500. Many of them with the sky totally dimmed. In addition, it is very possible that in a day the four stations converge: sun to the morning, hurricane winds to afternoon, and universal deluges to the night. Our advice? He wears a rain-cape with hood always above. One calculates that a total of 80,000 umbrellas to the year is lost.


€œWonderful€ the British gastronomy

Since you see we have put in quotation marks the Wonderful word. This linguistic unfolding has not been carried out without reason. It has not been one slight artistic license by our part.

And it is that the English gastronomy of wonderful does not have nor the €œM€. €œBut the Fish & Chips are best€ Although we dissented of such affirmation, a single plate does not save to the rest. You are going away to satiate in the United Kingdom with €œBaked beans€ (Jewish candies, more or less), sausages, potatoes and you. In the English supermarkets you go to surprising before the great variety of chocolatinas and greasy products that they have. But fruits and vegetables? You are going them to throw €œlittle of less€.


Passion by the moquette ground

If something characterizes to all British house (from most luxurious hotel until humblest of the floors) is the omnipresent moquette that covers the ground of all of them (sometimes even the quarter of bathroom). Comfortable? We did not question it. Fluffy? Either. Unhygienic? We will not be who put it in doubt€¦


Only a British accent? JA

The English is one of the languages of the world that presents a greater variety of accents: American, Irish, Australian€¦ Within the call British English we even can find a total of 17 different accents, enough different ones to each other (one calculates that the accents in this country change each 40 kilometers approximately).

For that reason often you have heard of that it visited Manchester or Scotland (to put only a pair of examples) and has returned without understanding nor a word almost. He is one of the aspects that we tried to reinforce with our classes of English of Speaking. And it is that there is nothing no better than to be used to the ear to the sounds of the English to understand the different accents from this language.

PS: if you do not think to us when tenth that the accents of the English, within the own British islands, they are very different to each other, you would have to throw a look to him to the following video 😉


Education first of all (punctuality including)

You know those 10 minutes of courtesy that many people give by fact? Good, because punctuality in UK is not that it is a courtesy, is an exigency. And this one is only an aspect of which there are to consider if you want to adapt to the classic British education: to respect the tails in the supermarkets, to speak low, to respect the turn of word of your interlocutor€¦ They are only some of the other aspects that there are to consider during your British earth stay.


They drive by the left (and what it is not to drive)

Yes, certainly you knew that in UK native and nonnative they always lead by the left and that the steering wheel of the car is also to the left. But that is not everything: that mentality to think in terms of left takes to other aspects of life daily as it is to walk within supermarkets, by the street, when raising an escalator€¦ (in the pedestrian crossings it is even indicated in the ground that you must look at the left). A gesture of good education is considered and, since we have seen in the previous point, the education is very important in the United Kingdom.


What is that to pay in €œcash€?

A great advantage of the United Kingdom is that you will be able to realise 99% of the payments with card. It gives just as it is in a super ones that in the grocery store of the corner; that you buy the food of the week or only a package of chewing-gum. Many supermarkets Even work as ATM!


Beer and nothing else that beer

Perhaps in one of your nights in London or other British large cities you decide to leave celebration. Perhaps you pass by the head to request a glass of that spirit that as much you like. Perhaps you think that it is a good idea. Then no, it is not it.

Your portfolio, your pride and your soul will suffer for that reason when you see that they acquire a good amount to you of pounds by a miserable shot (by law) of the selected alcohol and refreshment of faucet (not even bottled). Better beer: more sale, more varied and more €œbritish€.


Graaaaaaaaaandes beds

We go there with full stop of the list and the one that without a doubt we like more: the beds so large €œKing size€ of the United Kingdom. A type of beds where one can perfectly make the man of Vitrubio and until practicing its better €œSwing€. Some beds where one can sleep as a blessed one under the thousands and Nordics who surely you will put yourself superficially. And the best thing of everything is than almost all British house account with this type of rickety old beds in its rooms!


Ow the United Kingdom! With his stridencies it even continues being a country that enchants to us. We also hope that. More now than you know what relying and how to tolerate to you in the Earth of the pastitas and the tea. Now only you it is necessary to display a good articulation! And for it you are more than invited to our classes of English conversation in Barcelona 😉

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