What are the examinations of Cambridge?

If abbreviations YLE, KET, PET, FCE, FALL, CPE, TIME, IELTS sound to you to Chinese, you are in the correct site since we are going to you to explain what is. If on the contrary already you know them, then you will be able to discover some data that you perhaps did not know.

The languages and their levels have standardized years in the last and for it Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia for the languages has been created (MERC) or (CEFR, abbreviations in English). This common frame of reference fixes some levels standard for the learning of the languages and marks what must have in each of them.

In the MERC you assign letters to him to the different levels, To, B, C and often these levels in another A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 separate (these are most common).

A1 and A2 are usuary basic, B1 and B2 are the independent users and C1 and C2 are usuary professionals.

Most logical it is to find:

Pre-A1 (it corresponds to beginner in many books or book of Starter of children)
A1 (corresponds to Elementary of many books or Movers in children
A2 (it corresponds to Pre-intermediate in many books or Flyers in children or KET of Cambridge)

B1.1 (it corresponds to book of Intermediate or PET of Cambridge)
B1.2 (It corresponds to book of upper-intermediate)
B2.1 (it corresponds to first part of First Certifies to you of Cambridge)
B2.2 (it corresponds to second part of First Certifies to you of Cambridge)
C1.1 (It corresponds to first part of Advanced of Cambridge)
C1.2 (It corresponds to second part of Advanced of Cambridge)
C2.1 (It corresponds to first part of Proficiency of Cambridge)
C2.2 (It corresponds to second part of Proficiency of Cambridge)

In order to understand better these levels we recommended to you to look at this table:

If it interests to you to prepare an examination of Cambrdige with us, write to us in this form of contact.


Sometimes we can even see more divisions within these. These divisions are due to that not always the level wished with the same hours is obtained. The average of hours for each level goes up to around the 200 but normally as the level is more difficult usually it is needed more hours to obtain it.

In the majority of the academies of English they have courses of Pre-A1, A1 and A2 that usually lasts a school course and however B1, B2, C1 and C2 usually last between course and means and two courses. In addition, not only one is to secure to that level studying the grammar and the vocabulary, but we will have to make a period of practice of the examination that we have chosen. Dichol period usually lasts between two and three months, following our dedication. It will allow us to know all the parts the examination and to know what skills request us in each. The question is to make several test of examination and to see how we are improving.

Several great organizations put hands to the work to implement the examinations that demonstrated those levels and each organization gave a name them different to differentiate them of which they do the others. For that reason we have different names for the same level.

The known organizations more are University of Cambridge (Cambridge Assessment), University of Oxford, London Trinity College. All of them have examinations that correspond with the MERC. We will have to evaluate what type of examination agrees to us and what great organizer will be the one that provides the examination to us.

In our center we prepared the examinations of the more common University of Cambridge as they are PET, FCE and FALLS.

Cambridge Assessment

It organizes different types from examinations (ESOL Examinations). Some of them are:

  1. The YLE. (for children)

They are the tests yle for children of Cambridge. There are three: Starters (below A1), Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2). Usually they become in 2º, 4º and 6º of primary respectively; although according to the level of the boy they could also be made before or after these courses.

  1. English general

(for all the public generally). He does not have lapsing. They are for all the life. For that reason the great majority of people prepares this degree.

KET (Key English Test) - A2

PET (Preliminary English Test) - B1
FCE (First Certifies to you in English) - B2
C1 FALLS (Certify to you in Advanced English) -
CPE (of Proficiency in English Certifies to you) - C2

We need to know first if we have the level or no. For it we recommended to you that you make our test of level and you verify if already you have the level.
If we do not have it, it would be necessary to realise a course that serves us to learn the grammar and the specific vocabulary of the examination.
Once we have the level, we would have to make the course of tests of examination that will assure a good practice to us to be able pass official.

The courses can be done:

  1. Of self-taught form, buying special books with answers, as much of the level as of tests of examination.
  2. You can prepare them in a center trainer and examiner. Normally they are good centers and they prepare suitably, but they also are quite expensive and not always they are within reach of all the pockets.
  3. You can prepare them in a Center Trainer and soon that center is in charge to manage the matriculation and all the administrative red tape so that you do not worry about anything. LearnWithZac is a Center Trainer credited by Exams Catalonia one of the more important Examining Centers of Barcelona after the British Institute. As center Trainer we were in charge of which you realise the level test to know in what point you are. We will recommend to you what you need: to realise the course of the level or the course of tests of examination. In addition, you will be able to make actual classes or classes online of these levels or only the test of examination. All this with the pursuit of a professor or tutor of course especially formed so that you pass the tests. This form you make sure a optimum education and some suitable results.

Our courses:

Actual course of PET that lasts a course and means approx (includes 4 test of examination when finalizing the course)
Actual course of FCE that lasts a course and means approx (includes 4 test of examination when finalizing the course)
Actual course of FALLS that it lasts a course and means approx (test of examination when finalizing includes 4 the course)
Course online + speaking PET. A course lasts (test includes 4)
Course online + speaking FCE. A course lasts (test includes 4)
Course online Tests PET, FCE AND FALLS + speaking. It lasts two months (test includes 8)

The examinations are in center made Examiner or in the places that the examining center determines, normally or near our center in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
The Examining Center sends all the necessary documentation to us of our candidates (Confirmation of Entry and norms). The €œConfirmation of Entry€ is a paper, in which in addition to the name of the candidate, we will have the number of candidate, the days and the schedule of the oral and written tests.
The Confirmation of Entry usually arrives about ten days before the date of the examination.

There are two modalities: Paper based and Computer Based.

The Paper based are realised, as its name indicates, in paper. They are realised examiner in center or where this one determines. The answers have to be transferred to the answer leaves that they will facilitate to us along with the examination.

The Computer based are realised with a computer examiner in center or where this one determines.

The two modalities have advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer the one of paper since they can emphasize in the texts the information that are to them excellent or because they do not feel comfortable writing with a keyboard. However, other students prefer the one of computer since the Listening takes control of earpieces and is possible to regulate the volume. In addition in the Computer Based the answers go automatically and in the part of writing we have an accountant of words that it avoids to tell them by hand to us.

In addition to these two modalities KET, PET and FCE offer a for examination for schools called schools. It is the same level and the same difficulty. The only difference is that the subjects are adapted young people who are at school, institute or university.
The examinations of FALL and CPE do not offer a for version schools.

The rates of examination vary every year in January and in addition they can varies according to the Official Examining Center. Therefore it is necessary to frequently review them in the page of our examining center.
In January of the 2019 prices of the rates of examination of Exams Catalonia they were:

97 KET--> ‚¬
103 PET--> ‚¬
192 FCE--> ‚¬
208 CAE--> ‚¬
214 CPE--> ‚¬

In some examining Centers the College students will be able to also have some discounts for being students of Spanish Universities.

The prices of the courses of That's Cool can vary from the 70 ‚¬/mes of the adolescents to the 73 ‚¬/mes of the adults. The prices of the courses Online are first payment 130 (includes 12 months of platform and first month of position of a guardian) and soon 9 65 xs ‚¬/mes.  The courses of tests of two 125 months about ‚¬ both months.

Frequent questions on the examinations of Cambridge.

You already know more on the examinations perhaps but you need to know some extra data exceeds they. Then we left some frequent questions here you:

The KET and PET two hour and a half last some
The First, the Advanced and the Proficiency last 3 hour and a half.

Although it is normal that we are all the morning or afternoon making the examination since there are rests between the different parts.

The KET and PET consist and three parts:

1 Reading and Writing
2 Listening
3 Speaking.

The FCE, FALLS and CPE consist of four parts:
1 Reading and Use of English
2 Writing
3 Listening
4 Speaking. (sometimes it is made in another different day)

Nowadays, we are many calls of examination throughout the year old. Thanks to the modality of Computer Based more dates throughout the year have still been added. This allows the students to decide on days that do not agree with other important tests as end or selectivity. More and more the months of July and August are used to obtain certificates in English.
The dates also depend on each examining Center. Therefore you can visit the different centers and choose the day that adapts more to your needs. Here we left a connection you so that you can know what examining centers it has.

Many people prefer to choose the calls that agree with Saturday to be able to make the examination. Also it is necessary to say that some examinations as FCE, FALLS and CPE usually become in two days different, a day the oral part and another one the written one. Although not always it is thus.

No. The examinations of Cambridge never expire.
Yes that is certain that the universities usually ask the students if does more than two years that they have removed the degree. In that case, to be able to confirm them in the university, they can ask that they are recent or that one becomes to realise past a similar examination to corroborate that there are not lost the level those two years. University would be due to consult in center or where it is wanted to confirm anyone of certificates of Cambridge.
The companies also value that the level that is credited is recent or that is demonstrated at least in an interview that still has that level, of oral form.

These degrees are recognized world-wide by more than 20,000 university organizations and important companies.
Because in some countries one began to realise another type of examinations, we can be that they request other certifications to us. In almost all the cases the Certificates of the University of Cambridge perfectly are accepted once is verified that the two degrees are equivalent and equally valid. Mainly it can happen with the TOEFL examination that usually requests much in the USA to realise Postgraduates or Masters (always it is possible to credit the same level with FCE or FALLS).
He is recommendable, therefore, to make sure that the different organizations accept these degrees.

In order to know other optional tests as IELTS, TOEFL, BULATS, TIME, APTIS Examination of Trinity, Oxford Test of English we recommended to you to read this post.