Kind to the Examination IT FALLS and his tests

How pass IT FALLS of the English

We go to most difficult of the difficult ones. To the Himalayas of the English! Because yes, wanted lector/a; we have already spoken of the CPE, also of the €œFirst€, but there is an examination more of great importance which indeed does not cause few chills between the students of the language. We speak of the examination FALLS, the examination €œadvanced€ of €œCambridge Assessment English€.

One is an examination of 4 parts and 235 minutes of duration (almost 4 hours€¦). No, to remove the C1 from €œCambridge Assessment English€ it is not simple mission. One is not a way of roses and clouds of sugar cotton which desires to cross on a daily basis, the truth. Then, why was nobody going to want to put in so large mess and does to remove FALL of €œCambridge Assessment English€? Then because there are powerful reasons by which to obtain it 😉

  • In order to begin, of the examinations to credit the C1 level in English he is most prestigious of all. We already commented it in past articles: €œCambridge Assessment English€ has presence in 135 countries and more than 20,000 governmental departments, universities and companies anywhere in the world they guarantee its titles of English.

  • Because, of 90% of supplies of use in which some language is demanded, the English is the demanded language more. In the majority of cases with a B2 level; but he is undeniable that to count on a C1 in English supposes all a competitive advantage. Still more when one is technical or directive positions.

  • Because it credits to have a great domain of the English language. Over him only is the C2 level (which credits that practically you are Shakespeare). To count on such level of English opens many doors, not only labor.

By all these reasons (and other so many; that only this aspect of the examination €œadvanced€ gives for a complete article), we recommended that at some time of your studies you consider, very seriously, to go to by the examination FALLS. The following paragraphs we have written them with that idea in mind. We see then of what it consists exactly, how they are the tests that conform it and how to surpass all of them with solution 🙂


What is exactly does the examination FALL?

The examination FALLS (€œCertify to you in Advanced English€) is the test and title of €œCambridge Assessment English€ that the C1 level credits to its possessor having of English according to the MCER (Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia).

Therefore, this degree demonstrates that you have reached a level very elevated within the English language: you almost perfectly dominate its grammar, its articulation as soon as it creates difficulties already to you, and know to improvise and to adapt to all type of situations. Over him only is the C2 level. And that already is words majors.

It consists of a total of 4 tests: €œReading and Use of English€, €œWriting€, €œListening€ and €œSpeaking€. The typical thing in examinations of this institution. For the set of all these tests you will have a total time of 235 minutes. Almost 4 hours of examination. It is shelp soon.

We noticed it at the outset: pass FALLS is not simple task. It requires of much, much preparation, not only of courses of English conventional. It is more, in our academy of English of Barcelona we counted on courses of preparation to FALLS. So it is its complexity and importance.

  • To indicate that, unlike which many students think, the title granted with the examination FALLS nonexpired. Which does not mean that, sometimes, it is necessary to renew and to update your knowledge on the English language.

  • Ask to us through plank of commentaries when you will be able to realise the following examination FALLS. The tests of €œCambridge Assessment English€ only can be realised in some dates very determined, and we already have those of 2019 😉


14 advice pass FALL of €œCambridge Assessment English€

We go there with the flesh of the article! Because yes, to know what is the examination HE FALLS and why it is so important he does not come bad; but the truly excellent thing is here how to approve all its 4 tests 🙂

€œReading and Use of English€

1 hour 30 minutes. 8 parts, 56 questions (it is necessary to read some altogether 3,000-3500 words)

  • Beam a first general reading. The words will be many that there are to read and very little the time for it. It agrees that you become a general concept of the text, without paying attention to the details. You will already have in consideration these in one second reading, when you locate the questions in the text.

  • Complete ideas. What was worth for €˜First€™ also is excellent for the examination FALLS. It writes up complete paragraphs, loose nonphrases. It interconnects some with others doing Gallic of your better vocabulary (tricks go some here with that to extend your vocabulary in English), avoiding to repeat literal words of the text that they give you (synonymous to the power). This is applicable to all the parts of the examination FALLS.

  • It answers all the questions. To respond badly does not reduce points, so it answers. Although you speak of pink unicorns.

  • But taken care of to the orthographic errors! And grammar. These yes that remains, and they are not of good for seeing between the examiners€¦



1 hour 30 minutes. The first part is made up of an obligatory question; whereas in second you can choose between 3 options available; being able to find all text type to you: test, letter/email, proposal, report, review€¦ Each of them with its own peculiarities

  • Accustom to you to all text type. In this part of the examination it can be called on to you to write from a test to a report. We recommended to you very much that you at home read and you practice (or the academy) all of them.

  • It unfolds your better vocabulary. €˜Done Idioms€™, €˜Phrasal verbs€™, phrases, connectors€¦ The examination FALLS estimates that you dominate to the grammar and the English vocabulary. Demonstrate it.

  • You do a diagram. It will enormously help you to structure your ideas, to give form them and to interconnect them properly; as well as not to surpass the maximum limit of words.

  • You do not lie down back. Although 1 hour and a half can seem long time, the certain thing is that you will end up secondly worrying until the last one. In the second part of the €œWriting€ you will have to choose between 3 possible options. Dedicate a pair to him of minutes to think which to select (we recommended to you to choose that one of which you know more), because it will not give time you to undo your steps and to choose another option.



40 minutes. 4 parts, 30 questions. From monologues to radio programs

  • Be done a general concept of the audio ones. The majority of questions is not thought to verify the literal understanding of the reproductions, but to relate them to the ideas presented in the options.

  • Before listening to the audio ones, it reads. The own questions will serve as guide to understand the audio ones to you. Of such form that, if some part of the reproductions you do not finish understanding it perfectly, you will be able to understand his general concept thanks to the text of the questions.

  • Many accents! You do not hope to listen in audio of the €œListening€ only a perfect British accent. More complicated accents will also make formal appearance, reason why it agrees that you are already customary to them. How? Then for example seeing series in English.



15 minutes by each pair of candidates in a total of 4 parts

  • You do not put yourself nervous. , It yes tenth in all the examinations of €œCambridge Assessment English€, but indeed because he is the best advice than we can give you. Speech slowly, with pause, vocalizing each word. Thus not only you will obtain that it understands better the examiner and your other companion to you, but also will have more time to think about the following thing that you are going to say.

  • Speech also with your companion. It is a conversation to 3, so not only you have a discussion with the examiner. Do questions to him to the other student (simple questions please, who is not plate of good taste either to put to him in jams) so that also she participates.

  • It dazzles, but without exceeding to you. You have to demonstrate that you have an English of most fluid and varied, as well as to know how to adapt you to any situation; but it does not mean that you must give interminable speeches. These in addition are lent to commit failures of most idiot.


Anyway, it agrees to stress that it is a very difficult examination. We would sin of irresponsible if we shelp you that with these advice already you are more than preparation to present you to the examination FALLS. Yes, we hoped that they are to you helpful these 14 recommendations; but we offer preparation courses to FALLS is because, indeed, one is 4 hours filled with very complicated tests and exercises. If you really want pass this, to obtain the title that credits your C1 level, more than enchanted we will hope you in our academy to help to be able it 😉 you