It discovers with what podcasts to learn English you will improve your level

The 10 better podcasts to learn English

Podcasts to learn English will save the life to you. Perhaps good, we dramatize a little, but in which to the learning of the English they talk about they are going to come to you very but that very well 😉

At the moment we spent the day running, in the public transport, taking advantage of the idiot hours rest in the office, going by the street to go to buy to the bread€¦ Why not to take advantage of all those moments to improve our English and in addition to amuse to us and to deepen in other thematic ones in the process?

Podcasts is one of the most effective tools to learn a language in this sense, as much to perfect your abilities of €œListening€ as accustoming your ear to the language of Shakespeare and learning certain sounds. And all this of fluid form! Then when being carrying out other tasks at the same time, we will be learning all these aspects of the English in background.

In addition, thanks to referring British as BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION or the British Council you can choose the subjects that they more attract to you and to learn while you are inquired (except for other referring ones that we will be to you commenting throughout this article) So it takes note from our best selection of podcasts to learn English to count more on another resource by means of which to continue improving your domain of the Anglo-Saxon language 😉


It discovers which are the 10 better podcasts to learn English

Podcasts in English basic level

Elementary podcasts

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? If you study English certainly €œBritish Council€ will sound to you of something. And not by nothing, since it is who makes the famous examinations €œFirst€, €œAdvanced€ and €œProficiency€. Destined mainly to just initiated on the language, this podcast is based on debates and conversations on useful phrases in English for concrete situations of life daily.

The lessons, exhaustive and classified well, concentrate in many cultural aspects often forgotten when learning a language and have very short and funny videos to illustrate the €œHow to€. Not only you can unload the transcription of each episode, but also that you will find resources of writing, grammar, vocabulary, test and a section of games as a complement.

Where you can find it? In the following connection you will accede to all the podcast of €œElementary podcasts€.

English ace to second language

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? €œESLpod€ (€œEnglish ace to Second Language€) is an excellent resource for which they look for to extend his vocabulary. In each one of the chapters the professor presents two new words and he is them introducing in different contexts so that you assimilate them of a quite natural form.

They publish 3 podcast every week, reason why if you follow to them with more certainty than our grandmother going to mass, in a year you will have learned more than 300 new words of all type of thematic. And you do not worry, speak slowly super. You will understand it everything without problems of no type 😉

Where you can find it? Beam click in €œEnglish ace to second language€ and you will find all their repertoire of podcast.

Voice of America

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? If you like to be to as much day to day of the news, this podcast is perfect for you. Every morning you will be able to put you the €œBreakingNews€ to learn a simple vocabulary (by general norm), to accustom you to the American accent, and to improve your €œListening€ thanks to a slower speed of the normal thing (almost, almost as Mat­as Prats).

Although one is a North American podcast, the news are international and the thematic one is varied, from science to English grammar. Each program responds to an interest subject; for example, €œAmerican Mosaic€ treats the American popular culture or €œThe Making of to Nation€ speaks of North American history.

Where you can find it? As it could not here be otherwise we left with all the podcasts you of €œVoice of America€.


Podcasts in English interval

6 you make a draft English

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? These brief episodes of 6 minutes, based on situations of life daily, always present a discussion between two people. 100% British English and at a speed than assimilable, except for a simple vocabulary.

The subjects are very entertained and didactic; then they approach questions from €œHow they will be the cities of the future€ or €œWhat is global warming€ until €œthey have returned the bears to remain€ or €œHow much it is worth his spouse for you€.

Where you can find it? It accedes to the content of €œ6 you make a draft English€ in the link that we finished leaving you.


Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? You have heard speak of the TEDx chats? Because if you have not done it already you are taking in listening to some of them! In these conferences on Technology, Entertainment and Design, entrepreneurs and thinkers worldwide and of diverse scopes tell to their experiences and ideas, their point of view and its advice you. They inform to you into other realities and mainly they are a great inspiration and motivation. With €œLingorank€ you can select the chat based on the duration, speed level and English, subjects title, date, etc. it simply seems to Us level and a very magnificent idea 🙂

Where you can find it? In serious, test to listen to some of podcasts in €œLingorank€ because the TEDx chats deserve it well.

Podcasts in English

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? €œPodcasts in English€ is remarkable not only because it owns an enormous variety of subjects, (from the Brexit, Facebook, how to mount to graceful horse, announcements, the latest in cinema, etc.), but also because the episodes (normally of 5 minutes), go accompanied of much material of support.

In this podcast you will find a pile of recordings with subjects of interest general and elaborated by speaking of different countries (what comes brilliant to learn to distinguish different accents). In addition you will be able to accede to the transcription and exercises and listing of vocabulary. When being classified by difficulty, also you will have different more basic options or outposts. Whatever your level, you are of luck because you know that you will find what you look for!

Where you can find it? In order to see all the programs of €œPodcasts in English€ you do click in this link.

Luke's English Podcasts

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? Luke is professor of English, but also a comedian. In his monologues it combines the diversion and the learning, causing to you laughter thousands while you learn. Even that adds complementary material as audio or video. In the majority of his podcasts Luke is the only narrator, but also it includes real conversations with friends and relatives. Variety and laughter in all the senses!

Where you can find it? In order to listen to €œLuke's English Podcasts€ you do click in the connection that we finished leaving 😉 to you


Advanced Podcasts in English

The English WeSpeak

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? Already it is hour of which you put yourself to learn the English of the street (slang)! BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION puts a podcast to your disposition again so that you learn the diverse modismos and expressions that you can hear in your day to day by the streets of London, Liverpool or Edinburgh (Ow! How much we missed our old Scotland).

Every week you will have available podcasts from 3 to 4 (a perfect duration not to tire to you nor to bore to you), recorded by native but enunciated at a smaller speed of the normal thing and with an articulation of clearest.

If your level is advanced is a good form to fortify your base and to polish your English in a step to more get to dominate the English language. Although still it is much way ahead!

Where you can find it? As it already comes being the habitual tonic throughout this article, you will find all these podcasts in €œThe English WeSpeak€.

Splendid Speaking

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? A great option for the most advanced than wants to polish their abilities to obtain a still greater fluidity. If you are one of them, you have to know that these podcasts adapt to your tastes and I interest, as well as they help you to reinforce your vocabulary and grammar with exercises (that already you know the importance that we give him to internalise the learned thing).

The guests usually are people who do not speak English a native one, so she gives a great opportunity you to listen to different accents beyond the native ones. Each lesson includes interviews and conversations in English and later indicate their errors to them, reason why it is a different perspective and an interesting form to learn by means of constructive critics.

Where you can find it? Next you will be able to accede to all the contents of €œSplendid Speaking€.

Business English Pod

Why he is one of best podcasts to learn English? If search to improve your English of businesses, you have your podcast of reference here. Every week this program proposes a context so that you can concentrate in concrete elements of working environment: meetings in the office, telephone conversations, e-mails, negotiations, trips of businesses, etc. Therefore, present numerous conventionalisms that you can have in your daily routine and it gives to advice and very useful techniques you of communication in the professional context. In addition it includes transcriptions, test and lists of vocabulary. To see who gives more!

Where you can find it? Not for being the last one we were going to leave without his podcasts you. In €œBusiness English Pod€ you will find all the programs that there are to raised day of today.


In serious, podcasts in English listens to these. Even if it is only one to try. We insist not by anything; but because he is one of the best resources to learn of fast and dynamic form the English language.

That yes, already you know that to learn a language it requires time, dedication and great doses of patience. Although you follow all our advice, your effort will give better results if in addition you combine it with an academy of English. In €œThat'scooleducation€ we put everything of our part to cause that the English is not an obstacle for you, but also that is funny. Animate to you to listen to us in person!