Taking notices of these films to learn very good British English

The best films to learn manual British English (€œLike to Sir€)

You are a lover of the cinema, the British English and the pastitas for the tea? Then today you cannot lose our selection to you with the best films to learn British English 😉

Yes, it is possible to do it in pajamas, with a popcorn earthen bowl from the sofa of your house. Tired of books greater than you? The films in original version and with subtitles in English are a comfortable, cheap and effective alternative that will make you improve your articulation and seem an authentic €œLord€.

But eye! In order to dominate really the language of Shakespeare you will need also vocabulary and grammar. Remove the maximum party to the cinephile classes and consolidate your knowledge attending our courses in That €˜s Cool Education, to learn and to amuse itself never is fought for us. Then after all this it is still only a resource with which to complement your learning; and it cannot replace the theory and necessary practices.

You knew that the voice of an actor determines more of 70% of the credibility of a scene? When listening its English you will appreciate shades of an unsuspected quality that never you had appreciated. Then the same if you come to class with us, we promise to surprise 🙂 to you


Films to learn English A1-A2

Forrest Gump


Of what it goes: It tells the life us of Forrest Gump, interpreted by a Tom Hanks brilliant, a young person late, but with a tenacity and a heart that will make him carry out crucial events of America during decades.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: He is a classic one and certainly you have seen it already, but even so the plot is very easy to follow and has a simple language and without complications, since her protagonist speaks very slowly. She is perfect to begin to learn English while in addition you review recent American history. Of laughter or weeping, it takes handkerchiefs because the tears are assured.

The Sound of Music

Of what it goes: Austria, 2ª World war. Maria, a young nun, leaves the convent to be the governess of the seven children of a distant military man and widower, captain Von Trapp. This beginning rebel will change his lives for always.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: Well-known in Spain more as €œSmiles and tears€ (the exciting world of the translation€¦), this musical comedy that took the Oscar to the best film with memorable songs as €œDo, re, my€ is one of the most awarded of the history of the cinema. The songs are beautiful, slow and easy to understand; with an impeccable articulation. Julia Andrews repeats in the paper of governess as in €œMary Poppins€, another one pelicul³n of your childhood to learn English.

Harry Potter

Of what he goes: When fulfilling eleven years, Harry Potter finds out that he is son of two wizards of whom has inherited magical powers. In the school Hogwarts de Magia and Hechicer­a, next to his friendly Ron and Hermione, he will learn all the necessary one to be magician.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: The saga of adventures of this young magician made her writer, J.K Rowling, richer than the queen of England. Its articulation is very easy to understand, the dialogues are quite short and has actors of accents very varied.

According to international studies, 79% of the survey ones affirmed that to see the films it had helped to understand better the English them. He is nothing There!


Films to learn English B1-B2

Notting Hill

Of what it goes: The life of William (Hugh Grant), a humble bookseller in the famous district of Notting Hill, changes when it knows the famous star of Ana Scott cinema (Julia Roberts). It is necessary that we say more?

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: Each one of the protagonists belong to a different continent, what is perfect to listen to the differences between the British English and the North American! She trains your ear with the central subject of her BSO, €œWhen you say nothing AT all€, of Ronan Keating.

Love Actually

Of what it goes: It narrates how they cross and different histories from love in London Christmas are mixed. The rest is better than you are seeing it by same you 😉

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: Classic romantic comedy and of Christmas par excellence. If you have already seen it, it will be easier to you not to lose you in the argument. The characters have different ways to speak and origins, so he is brilliant also to accustom your ear to different accents.


Of what it goes: The green and solitary Shrek ogre will be forced to start off in search of a princess locked up in a tower by a dragoon if he wants to reclaim the bog where he lives, invaded by multitude of story characters.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: Yes, Shrek will be a manual anti-hero, but it will end up becoming your new blue prince because you will fall tired on its feet. Not only he is one of the best animated successes of Dreamworks, from which they make you return to the childhood, but by his variety of accents he will turn out to you very useful to learn English while you lie down some laughter.


Films to learn English C1-C2

Pride and Prejudice

Of what it goes: England, end of century XVIII. The five brother Bennet have been bred by an obsessed mother to find husband them, but one of them, Lizzie, intelligent, with character and opened mind, has a different perspective of life. Until it knows Mr. Darcy€¦

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: If you are fan of €œDownton Abbey€, of palace intrigues and tea to five in the afternoon, this film will enchant to you. That yes, when using a vocabulary filled with formalisms and words that no longer are used at present, is recommended for an advanced level of English.

The speech of the king

Of what it goes: Duke Jorge de York (Colin Firth) goes to the fonoaudi³logo Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) to overcome his stammering. When his brother Eduardo VIII abdicates of the throne, he will be in charge to transmit by radio the speech of declaration of war to Nazi Germany in 1939.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English: Better What to learn English than a film where teaches to the very same king to pronounce this language correctly? With a slow and slow speech, you will learn a perfect articulation and intonation; in addition to a pair of exercises to practice your fluidity.

My to fair lady

Of what it goes: Eliza Doolittle, a vulgar and ragged florist, causes that eccentric linguist Henry Higgins makes a bet with a friend: he commits himself to teach to speak the English correctly to him and to make happen it through a lady of the high society within only six months.

Why she is one of the best films to learn British English? You have the unique opportunity to have of companion of a Audrey Hepburn. Some of their dialogues are an authentic tongue-twister, but it will not matter to you because you will enjoy the argument and the aesthetic one of the film. Thanks to his different dialects from British English and from its songs, you will learn vocabulary and tricks to improve your articulation.


We hope that you have enjoyed our selection of the best films to learn English, but just in case it goes to you plus the small screen, here we left the best series you to learn English in Netflix in 2018, in case the present article has left you with desire of more 😉