Advice with Examination FCE of Cambridge English Assessment

Examination FCE (B2 level in English): everything what you need to know

Examination FCE (also known as €œFirst€) of €œCambridge Assessment English€ is one of most important of the English language. To tell on this title (and the level of English B2 that credits) is not that he is recommendable, is that it has become in essential for many aspects labor and of life student. Today we are going to see exactly of what it consists, as well as advice pass this €œCambridge First Certify to you€, of more than 3 hours of duration.

We are not wanted to walk by the branches. You have entered here to know what he deals with examination FCE exactly and that is what we are going to tell you. Anyway, if not yet you are convinced of its importance, we left here a few reasons you by which this title of English has become the most demanded by the students of this language and by that you would have to score at the €œFirst€:

  • To day of today a 90% of the companies that they demand the domain of some language demand the English. And yes, it is the most asked for the B2 level (followed of the C1) in scopes of almost any type.

  • In order to study in an European foreign university (for example, facing a ERASMUS) they are demanded, in his great majority, titles which credit the B2 level of English. In order to accede to education centers superior in the United States, Canada or Australia, the obtaining of the visa happens through being able to credit that same B2 level. Eye, is not worth any title of any institution: the examinations of €œCambridge Assessment English€ are of the few that have use in almost any country of the globe.

  • They certify your level of English interval. Not only tenth facing removing luster to it to your curriculum (that also); but also because it will be demanded to you to realise abroad according to what proceedings (mainly in English-speaking countries), as the exposed one in the previous point.

Does the €œFirst Certify to you€ expired? No, no of the examinations and titles of €œCambridge Assessment English€ count on the lapsing. This includes, by all means, examination FCE

Perhaps at this point you are asking yourself who or what is €œCambridge Assessment English €œ. Logical and normal. However, we do not want either to repeat itself, and is that in the article on Examination PET already we spoke on this institution. It is enough to say with that it is recognized internationally by more than 20,000 governmental departments, universities and companies anywhere in the world. Already of in case reason than more sufficient to point you at a course FCE.


But what is exactly the examination €œdoes First Certify to you€?

One is the title of €œCambridge Assessment English€ that it credits to his possessor to have the B2 level of English according to the MCER (Marco Comºn Europeo de Referencia). That is to say, translated the Christian: that you have the linguistic abilities necessary to speak with solution in surroundings of English speech.

For his obtaining it is necessary to realise an examination, which consists of 4 tests: €œReading and Use of English€, €œWriting€, €œListening€ and €œSpeaking€. 4 parts for whose accomplishment you will have a total of 209 minutes.

To secure this appraised title is not that it is difficult, but either a way of roses. To prepare it as it must requires of much more that an article (although really we hoped that the following advice are you of help) and that is why in our academy of English of Barcelona we offer preparation courses to the FCE to which you are more than invited 😉


13 advice pass FCE Cambridge (B2)

We enter completely matter! In order to structure as well as possible the following recommendations we are going to divide it everything in 4 subinscriptions. One by each section of which examination FCE is made up. Anyway, if you have left some doubt or, for example, you want to ask to us which will be the official dates for the accomplishment of this examination in 2019 you do not doubt it: you do use of the plank of commentaries and immediately we will respond to you.

€œReading and Use of English€

1 hour 15 minutes. 52 questions. 40% of qualification on the total

  • Lee the first questions and later the text. In this section the time is not your ally. It is more, it is not necessary than you read retail the text; of which you take control an idea of the same will be than sufficient more.

  • You do not leave any question without responding. This advice is worth for this one and the other tests: to choose the incorrect answer will not reduce points to you.

  • That yes, without spelling failures. This type of errors yes that remain. So he takes care of your spelling and grammar!

  • Complete expressions and clear answers. Mainly in these tests, but also applicable to the rest of examination FCE. Each paragraph one devises. Complete phrases, nothing of loose words. And, mainly, you display your better vocabulary. If this one is very not varied already you are taking in extending it with, for example, these advice with whom to learn new vocabulary in English.



1 hour 20 minutes. The first part is made up of an obligatory question; whereas in second you can choose between 3 options available. 20% of qualification on the total

  • It dominates the different writing types. An email is not the same that an article of opinion, a test, etc. Agrees that, previously to the examination, you dominate all these writings, because you do not know which is going to you to ask in examination FCE. He is one of the aspects in which we backslid more in our courses of FCE.

  • Good Structure your ideas! We were sent to the previous point: it writes clearly (in each paragraph it develops an idea, not thousand different ones), uses connectors to unite the different phrases, you do use of different synonymous, do not use the words of the own text of the examination, etc. Demonstrates, really, that you dominate the English writing.

  • Reason why you want more; it reviews your texts. You would be surprised the one of times that, by the haste and without a self-correcting one of by means, we commit orthographic failures. And these remain!



40 minutes. 30 questions. 20% of qualification on the total

  • If you do not understand, it happens. Each audio one will reproduce twice. If you do not understand one of the questions not you blind yourself with her. It happens to the following one and in the second reproduction you will already be able to concentrate in which you have left in target.

  • Quick attention to the tone. Not only what the interlocutor says it will serve you to respond to the questions. Also how it says it can be to you helpful.

  • Variety of accents. In this section of examination FCE not only you will listen to perfect British English. Different accents will make formal appearance, reason why it agrees that you have phelp them attention sometimes. A look throws to these 4 advice to improve your €œListening€.



14 minutes by each pair of candidates. 4 parts. 20% of qualification on the total

  • You do not enter panic. We know that he is an obvious advice; but we cannot stop stressing his convenience. In the €œSpeaking€ you will speak as much with the examiner as with another student, and the worse thing than you can do is to put to you nervous. Speech carefully, thinking before what you are going to say, and thus you will commit the smaller number of errors.

  • It unfolds your good vocabulary again. That is to say, nothing of phrases, English colloquial and other slang. That yes, you either do not try to adorn itself more of the necessary thing.

  • That the conversation flows. The other student also will have to speak; so also do questions to him to him. Except for which thus you will gain time to think your following answer.


However, the best advice than we can give you is that you practice and you practice. The practice makes the teacher. And this never has been certain that with the examinations of €œCambridge Assessment English€. No, they are not simple; but with our courses of FCE you will dominate these with solution and you will go more to the examination than preparation 😉