Examination PET and everything what you need to know about him

Examination PET: advice pass B1 in English

You know examination PET the English? Because you would have! He is one of the titles of English the most important ones, and in this article we are going to shell it 😉 in detail

But first of everything we have to speak about Cambridge Assessment English, because dot much in this history:

Cambridge Assessment English is an institution pertaining to the University of Cambridge and the institution as far as degrees of English talks about: it has presence in 135 countries and their certifications are recognized by more than 20,000 governmental departments, universities and companies anywhere in the world. He is nothing There!

And yes, wanted lector/a; Examination PET is one of them.


But what is exactly Examination PET?

Examination PET (€œPreliminary English Test€) is the degree of Cambridge Assessment English of intermediate level. Concretely it measures the B1 level according to the Marco Comºn Europeo of the Languages. To count on this title demonstrates that you dominate the fundamental and necessary aspects of the English, as well as that you own the linguistic skills necessary to use this language habitually.

And it guesses what? If you want to realise some course abroad or to realise some administrative proceeding in some English-speaking country, more surely it is than they request this level, at least, to you.


All that is very well; but why it serves to me to have the Preliminary English Test?

That is practically as to ask why it serves to know to you nowadays English. But we go there with a few more concrete benefits:

  • As we shelp before, the B1 is the minimum level that is asked for being able to abroad study some course or race (even in nonEnglish-speaking countries that offers races in English, which they are not few).

  • Although the B2 level is asked for in this sense, few companies do not demand an intermediate level of English B1 in their supplies of use. It is more, within the labor supplies in which some language is demanded, 90% demand the English language.

  • You need to realise some bureaucratic proceeding in some country of English speech? Then they ten by certainly you are going to need a B1 level at least€¦


13 advice to approve the PET Exam (B1)

However, we have to say that Examination PET is not simplest of the world. He lasts near 2 hours and 20 minutes; and he consists of 3 tests (€œReading & Writing€, €œListening€ and €œSpeaking€). In order to approve it, it is necessary to respond to a 60% of the questions correctly. No, it is not impossible, but it is not easy either.

That is why we have decided to write the present article: in order to give a series you of advice in each of its respective sections that are to you helpful for pass this. That is why in our academy of English we offer preparation courses the PET: because, although we hoped that these advice are to you of help, the certain thing is that it is necessary to realise thousand and exercises (as well as you practice conversational), to approve it with solution.


€œReading & Writing€

1 hour 30 minutes. 42 questions. 50% of qualification on the total

  • It reads the questions at great length. Yes, it sounds to obviousness of obviousness. But it is very important to pay attention to what it is requested exactly. Many students lose valuable minutes in detailing details that are not asked for to them in the tests. Except for which many exercises are going to pillage. Lee the first questions, soon the text. Often he is enough with knowing simply of what this one goes.

  • He administers your time. You must around 10 minutes to solve each test. It controls the times not to spend too much time to that section that as much resists to you.

  • It controls the misspelling! Another obviousness, but is that if a word counts on a misspelling (by slight that is) the answer counts as erroneous.

  • It thinks at great length about the structure of your texts. Perhaps it seems to you a loss of time, but he is right quite the opposite. About the tests of €œWriting€ it thinks before you are going to say and how you are going it to structure. The grammar Takes care of much and I do not put to you in shirts of eleven twigs!

  • You know much vocabulary of a subject in specific? In one of the tests of €œwriting€ you will have to decide thematic envelope what to write. Then, take it to your land: that one chooses of which you know a greater number of vocabulary.



36 minutes. 25 questions. 25% of qualification on the total

  • It practices before at home. Music, series, films in English€¦ Everything what is necessary so that your ear previously gets used to listening to conversations in the language of Shakespeare.

  • If it can be, to first. Each audio one will reproduce twice; but it tries to respond to the questions to first and uses the second reproduction just in case you did not understand something.

  • By order. In tests 2, the 3 and 4 questions go in strict order with respect the recording. Kind then!

  • Orthographic Lack in the €œListening€? Then yes. And again; if you commit some orthographic failure your answer will be considered erroneous.



10/12 minutes by each pair of students (because the tests are realised in pairs). 4 parts. 25% of qualification on the total

  • It practices and it returns to practice. He was never so certain that one that the practice makes the teacher. The best advice than we can give you facing this section is that the previous days you put yourself to speak English as a crazy person. It resorts to networks social of languages, bars of interchange, friendly and known€¦ What is, but speaks in English. That is why our courses of preparation to the PET we stressed so much the conversational classes.

  • Stop and clearly. When it is called on to all along speak tomato to you of the world. It sees slowly, it vocalizes and it thinks everything what you are going to say before loosen article. You do not put yourself nervous and you speak quickly. In this test the time is your ally.

  • A few expressions in English€¦ Introductory phrases, of conclusion, connectors between paragraphs€¦ To have a few €œexpressions joker in English€ they will be helpful for equipping to you to your arguments of a greater fluidity.

  • Who has shelp nothing to set out the truth? That has asked to you for your last vacation and it is that there are realising a complicated course of traditional sushi Japanese and learned its numerous techniques? Nothing, nothing, in fact you were on the beach with your family bathing to you, reading, taking the sun and other activities from simple explanation. It gives equal what you say; in this test the important thing is to demonstrate a good level of English. So take it to your land with vocabulary that already you know.


And finally, already outside the listing of advice before described: it sees the examination calmly. The nerves will be your worse ally and don't mention it will serve that you stresses. Relaxation first of all! With the suitable preparation, all it will leave to you wonder and you will not have of what worrying to you. That is why, you are more than invited to attend our courses of preparation to the PET. That with titled native professors of by means all 😉 will be much more easy to you