to learn English of funny form

CRAZY HOUR: It learns English of funny form.

To learn English in That's Cool is funny. In this course we will follow every month realising events of speaking and special days for our students. Among them, they are our Practical English and Gastro Meeting€¦ You know Them? If you are new student, we invited to that you notes to you every month because, to part to learn English, you will spend a good short while. A little while only. Sight which we have preparation leg you!

we like that you amuse yourselves. So there are preparation this year more a monthly event: the Crazy Hour. Of what it consists? The name says it everything. You are not scared in aiming to you because we are not going to you to put any shirt of force€¦ It is a €˜special Speaking€™ in which you will play and, at the same time, you will learn.

We have brought of UK and the funniest and innovating USA, board games than you can be found in the market. These games have been proven previously by our Department RRPP and Communication. In addition, these €˜board games€™ are designed in order to practice the English of an entertained way more. Outside the common thing. What seems to you?

During the course, you will play with different games and one of them, we guaranteed to you that it is the pump. You will have played before but not in an academy. Does One crush? It tries to leave safe and sound our Social Club€¦ Keys, riddles and mystery. We did not advance more. The rest you will have to discover it. So we animated to you to that you notes to all the Crazy Hour since, in addition to reinforcing the language, you will pass it to you in great and you will establish new friendships.

Funny reasons to score at our speakings

Here we left to a small list with the 5 €˜crazy€™ reasons you for which you must yourself aim at our crazy hour:

  1. To play €˜board game€™. It enjoys knowing the board games more innovating than they exist.
  2. To learn without book. You only need: to bring a smile, some wide good desire to play and to speak in English.
  3. To know the new people. You will be students of other classes but of the same level that you.
  4. To feel as at home. Speech, accommodates to you and to tomato something while you spend a good short while playing.


We have convinced to You? It enjoys your hours of €˜Speaking€™ and registers you in which you can. It will be a unique experience. We already are thinking about the board game of the following month. You want to know which is? Ask to us in Reception. We hoped to you.