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If you need preparation for the examination the PET Cambridge, you are in the suitable site. Cambridge English Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET) or B1 European common Marco for the languages, is a title of intermediate level. It certifies that you are able to use the linguistic skills in English working, studying and to travel.

Therefore the first reason to remove this title is for ener in the CB a minimum title demanded by many companies to compare all employees.

Second to have a good base before preparing a level examination superior as the First Certifies to you. It is not the same reviewed salary and to have presented to a more reasonable examination as the PET that not baberlo done. Briefly: it is going to you to be easier to present you to the FCE soon if you have made PET previously.

Third to be able to defend itself minimumly in situations of trips of leisure or businesses.

Why to realise the examination of the PET?

  1. Every year, thousands of people who want to learn English to improve their perspective of work and study register to Cambridge English Preliminary or B1 level.
  2. Its overcoming allows to demonstrate that you control a level of English practitioner for the daily use and that they are had acquired the linguistic skills for the real life.

Why to choose Thats Cool Education?

LearnWithZac we are center trainer of the University of Cambridge and have obtained a note superior to the national average. In our school, we used technology as complement to the preparation of the PET. We think that to invest in technology it is to invest as education.

You will be able to prepare the PET of actual form with your professor and gratuitous classes of conversation for our students (in specific schedules for it). Of this form you will be able to desarrolar all your potential.

You arrange, also, of the courses on line to make course of PET or to prepare only the examination test.

Our expert teaching staff will guide the process throughout to you. Titled native professors.

You can write to us from this form of contact, specifying what level you have and of what course you want to receive information.

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