best apps to learn English

Best apps to learn English (and sixth it is going to you to surprise).


we like to be, always we go of the hand of the technology since she takes to years revolutionizing the world. Thanks to the technology, we can conduct battle of a easier way as the learning. Who imagined that we could study and learn with the mobile in the hand? He is brilliant.

Now my question is: at the moment you are learning English? You have the mobile by hand? Bond, that certainly yes. You do not lie. So you cannot be escaped. This is the solution: Unload to you and you prove the applications that now we are going to show to you because they are going to you to chiflar. Kind Estate to these apps to learn English.

  1. Memrise

What has he is app that does not have the others? In Memrise you will be courses elaborated by the members of own app. In addition, as its name indicates, you will be able to play €˜memorise€™ with cards of vocabulary through different mnemonic tricks. An eye throws to him and you tell us.

  1. Busuu

This app is very recommendable since you can learn, aside from English, many more languages: Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese€¦ What does to him only? With Busuu you can learn very specific phrases and practice the learned thing with native. And, ah! You can accede to practices of reading, writing, hearing and conversation€¦ Everything has it.

  1. Wlingua

It does not concern the English level of that you have, in this app you will be able to practice English of a simpler way. How? Very easy. The user of the application can choose between two modalities: British English and English American. Within the two modalities you will be with a total of 600 lessons.

  1. Duolingo

If must I have left with a single application, she would choose to Duolingo. Why? Without doubt, she is one of the best applications than you can be run into. In addition to learning English, you can practice French and Portuguese. She is totally instructive and didactic, as if one was a game. Whenever you guess right, you will secure points. So that you can be raising of level and to secure lives. Very guay!

  1. Voxy

If you are preparing yourself for the tests of certification of level of English, it is your application. Voxy is a tool that, in addition to adapting to the needs of each user, offers help online of native people and exercises to improve your fluidity and articulation.

  1. App British Council

The British Institute, an institution of an excellent academic prestige, has created a set of tools of quality to learn English. Shelp app it obtains an ample fan of interactive exercises, videos, audio, vocabulary, etc. Is quite complete. I recommend it to You!

And as always I say: Give like him if you have liked and/or comp¡rtelo with your friendly. We see ourselves soon. Bye, cool people!

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